“Here at Sassy®, we’re on a mission to inspire the imagination of all infants; to encourage baby’s development through playful interactions. From tubby time to tummy time, from sitting to crawling and standing, we have taken a back-to-basics approach in our toy development to ensure each product has features that are ideally suited for baby’s emerging skills, through each stage of their early life.

When building the Sassy brand, we sought a balanced approach to form and design elements based upon the foundation of Early Childhood Development. These aspects of design are what separates Sassy products from all other baby products in the market. The Sassy brand is more than a series of “black and white stripes” or a “happy smiley face”. There is a harmony of elements, brought together in varying degrees, creating a sensory experience that will engage and stimulate baby’s senses!

Developmentally appropriate toys and open-ended play helps babies and young children learn to solve problems, be flexible, self-motivate, and most importantly, play…with purpose.”


-from Sassy Team
Phone: 616-243-0767


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“For 8 years at Satsuma Designs we’ve been locally manufacturing organic baby products that make caring for kids as easy as child’s play. And NOW, at Satsuma the kids shop we get to greet our customers face to face and share even more collections of kids toys and gifts along with children’s dancewear.

We are so excited to share our offering with Wedgwood in NE Seattle and beyond and hope you’ll come experience our little slice of heaven.

Every day, we’re delighted by the little customers who peer through our window with wide eyes and thankfully pull in their chaperones to browse and buy from our range of designers. We’re featuring Seattle made and designed brands such as Manzanita Kids, Mimi Bug and Limited Editions Dancewear along with best selling national brands such as Manhattan Toy and 3 Sprouts. There’s a little goodie for everyone at Satsuma and that includes Mom. We’re excited for holiday when we’ll be launching the Mer | Sea collection of incredible smelling candles, soaps, lotions and more.

Come by to visit and we hope you’ll leave with a smile and if we’ve done our job, a bag full of goodies. Enjoy!”

8511 35th Ave NE
Seattle, Wa 98115
Phone: 206-604-6465


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Tricks for Road Trips with Kids

In partnership with Kalahari Resorts

Heading out on a long road trip with little ones can make even the most seasoned parents nervous. But having fun and keeping everyone entertained can be easier than you think! Here are 19 boredom-busters to ensure backseat moaning and groaning is kept at bay– without plugging in. Old school road tripping for the win!

1. Make a list. Before hitting the road, catalogue the kitschy, the weird, the wonderful sights to see along the route. World’s largest ball of twine, anyone? Wall Drug pit stop? You bet! Then, make sure to stop and gawk a while so the minis can stretch their legs and you can grab a few family selfies to post. Find memorable roadside attractions that made our list or choose your own landmarks to loveMake them work.

2. Keep hands busy. Toddler hands are best kept busy between those hypnotic highway naps. A large plastic yogurt container with a rectangle cut out of the top combined with a tupperware full of colorful pom-poms; add in little hands to stuff the fuzzy balls into the container and you’ve got all it takes for these wiggle worms to have fun. Or, try threading oversized buttons onto ribbon when the second wind hits.

3. Map it out! Pick up a few of the classic, old-school paper maps (one for each kid) and let them mark it up, highlight routes, check off milestones—whatever they’re interested in—as you go along your trip! It’s a great way to get them involved in the journey, instead of just focusing on the destination.

portablelegokit_jennkossavan_mama-papa-bubba_screenfreetravel_roadtrips_redtricyclephoto: Jen Kossowan via Mama.Papa.Bubba

4. Pack a kit. Building toys like LEGO are always an awesome and fun way to keep kids happily busy. But on road trips? That can be a challenge. We love this idea from Mama.Papa.Bubba because it brings buildable to the car. Easy to make, easy to store, and it’s compact. Road trip perfection!

5. Dress up dolls. Paper dolls sure have come a long way, baby. For one thing, they’re now stickers. But what hasn’t changed is the way they engage the imagination over and over again. That’s why we love them for travel. Usborne Books makes loads with wide appeal so everyone in the car can play dress up too!

6. Fold paper. Hit the craft store before hitting the road to snatch a pack of origami paper for the six and up gang. A simple instruction book from the library, a surface to fold on, and you’ll be swimming in Chinese stars, fortune tellers and pirate hats before you’re even out of town!

3-kids-in-car-with-dogphoto: Sarah Rasmussuen

7. Stick it up. When you see windows, think blank canvas for your littlest road trippers. Dollar Store gel clings and window markers work great when the only view around is farmland and open country. You can even break out a pack of removable stickers to kick it up a notch, if you’re feeling brave.

8. Make them work. Okay, so maybe not work work, but put them into action with a scavenger hunt— like this easy printable one from Schooling a Monkey. It’s a fun way to keep kids busy searching for water towers, purple cars, a flock of birds— you name it! Grab stickers to check off the squares as you go, then sit back and watch how excited your kids get when they spot things like farms and traffic signs.

9. Let them decide. Kids love having choices and being involved in decisions. So why not let them? Give them an hour or so out of each day of your road trip and let them dictate where you stop and what you do (with certain limits, of course). It may mean taking a whole bunch of extra stops, but it’ll be worth it to keep the peace. Plus— sometimes it’s just fun to say yes a lot more than you say no.

licenseplategame_jimmie_flickr_roadtrips_redtricyclephoto: Jimmie via flickr

10.Play games. Three words: License Plate Game. Bring this vintage fave back into fashion with your mini crew. Find plates from all 50 states (C’mon Alaska and Hawaii!) or modify it into an alphabet game starting from A to Z, using the plates you pass along the interstate.

11. Tell a tale. Spin a yarn to rival Homer’s Odyssey by creating an epic story-in-the-round with your little literati. One person begins the story (think once upon a time or in a galaxy far, far away…) and takes it to a cliffhanger moment (gasp!) before passing it to the next bard of the car. Keep it going as long as you can. Imaginations, engage!

12. Play with puzzles. These super cute magnetic wooden blocks from Tegu help pass the miles for the preschool bunch. Plus, they win the road trip trifecta. Easy to pack? Of course. Great for open-ended play? You bet. Tons of fun in a small space? Check!

princess felt boardphoto: Allison Sutcliffe

13. Get crafty. Make your preschool teacher proud and pull out felt boards for your journey. These individual boards (look for them at your local craft store or indie toy shop) lend themselves well to car travel. Scenes can be continually recreated and the felt sticks to itself, but nothing else. Easy-peasy preschool fun!

14. Listen up. There’s no better time to sit back and get comfy for some good old, mesmerizing story-telling than on a long road trip. Queue up a few great audiobooks beforehand. Or, lend an ear to some awesome (and kid-oriented) family podcasts. Check out our favorite picks before you head out on the highway. With a mix of something for everyone, the entire family can get in on the fun!

15. Go old school. A good retro road trip deserves good retro toys. Thank goodness so many are making a comeback. Etch-a-Sketch equals mess-free drawing (and a whole slew of questions about how it works) for the older bunch. A View Finder takes the edge off for the Littles who want to watch something; throw in a classic Fisher-Price chunky camera and we dare you not to join in on this nostalgia fest.

kidwithcamera_usdeptofagriculture_flickr_roadtrips_redtricyclephoto: U.S. Dept. of Agriculture via flickr

16. Start clicking. Unearth grandpa’s old Polaroid camera or get a few disposable ones before the trip. Have your adorable Ansel Adams wannabes snap pics when the mood strikes them. From the car, at a rest stop, when there’s just 10 miles to go. Then, use these photographic masterpieces to create a journal of the trip when you return.

17. Hide trinkets. Set up your own Hidden Object game around the car before heading out. Place little trinkets (think leftover plastic spiders from Halloween, colorful paper clips, vintage buttons) in plain view around the car. Then when your little road trippers are getting antsy, challenge them to see how many they can find. Game on!

18. Tell more stories. Get inspired to tell tales along the road by using story blocks. Make your own ahead of time or grab an adorable set, like these wooden story blocks from HABA. What you do from there is as open as the road. Pick them randomly from the tray they come in and let fate determine the direction of your story, or let the munchkins lay them out first and create a story from there.

19. Hand out rewards. Inject a little motivation into the trip with a prize box. Have one at the ready to help tiny travelers get over those restless times or simple squabbles. Try playing the quiet game if things get too loud. The winner gets a prize. Or offer a dip into the prize box if they can make it 10 more miles. Prizes can be simple like getting to pick the next song or choosing the next activity, or stock up on a few dollar store items before heading out of town.

What are your favorite screen-free road trip activities? Share your idea in the Comments.

—Allison Sutcliffe & Heather Dixon

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12 Easy Activities that Span Generations

Your busy bee bounces from one activity to the next, barely catching her breath in between. But when grandparents are on the holiday scene, you’ve got to find a way to slow the pace… at least a little bit. We’ve found 12 activities your sidekick will love, that grandma and grandpa (or any elder in your clan) can keep up with whenever they visit. Scroll down for the intergenerational ideas.

photo: Allison Sutcliffe

1. Start a board game bonanza. Busting out board games is always a good bet to cross the generational divide. So open up the game closet and pick a few that everyone can play. It’s your move!

2. How about some tea for two? Raiding grandma’s jewelry box is just the start of an impromptu intergenerational tea party that everyone’s invited to. Frilly gloves, floppy hats and plenty of vintage bling is the requisite attire for this low-key activity that lets grandma and grandpa take a seat and sip tea while the grandkids do the serving.

kid-with-dominoes-edward-stojakovic-flickrphoto: Edward Stojakovic via flickr

3. Knock out a domino maze. There’s something so satisfying about building a huge domino run and knocking it down. Having grandparents around to help oversee construction and make corrections so the whole thing goes as planned is even better. Build, topple, repeat!

4. Book an interview with your favorite sexa- or septua-genarian. Then break out this hard-hitting questionnaire so grams and gramps can really dish the dirt on life way back when. It’s a sweet conversation starter they’ll both love!



5. Bring the outside in. Even if you don’t have snow on the ground this winter, recreating Babble Dabble Do’s psychedelic snowflakes will have you wishing for snow. Gran and Gramps will love helping to decorate and dye these vibrant beauties so you can deck out all the halls.

6. Win when you draw. Despite its morbid name, Exquisite Corpse is actually a zany way for budding artists and their grandparents to draw collectively. The Artful Parent has the how-to’s on this toned-down activity that’s as simple as drawing silly characters with a pencil and paper. Don’t forget to color your creation when it’s done!

girl-and-grandma-readingphoto: Allison Sutcliffe

7. Read some books. No one reads stories quite like the grandparent generation. So bring down a basketful and get reading! Psst… grandparents love this one because it means extra snuggles!

8. Play Blind-Man’s Bluff. This classic game is like thinking-man’s tag or a slow-mo version of it anyway. And it’s the perfect pace for grandparents to get in on the fun. All you need is a blindfold and a few players to start. Put the blindfold on the Seeker; then spin her around a few times while the other players scatter. Now it’s time to seek. Using her keen other senses, the Skeeker tries to tag the scattered players who are rooted in place. Sure, they can duck and dodge her outstretched arms, but they can’t move their feet. It’s a giggle-worthy game everyone can play!


photo: Diane Cordell via Flickr

9. Capture the moment. If grandma and grandpa are coming to stay for a bit, record special moments and gather simple mementos of your time with them (think puzzle pieces, movie ticket stubs, drawings and more). The seal those sweet remembrances in a time capsule before burying in your backyard.

10. Build a snowman. If the grands are up to a little outdoor adventure (and you’ve got snow on the ground), then put building a real snowman on your list. If not, this great warmer option works for all. With grandpa’s help, make some fluffy white playdough. Then roll base, body and head to stack together your chilly friend. Use baubles and doodads from your craft stash to decorate him.

spoons-card-game-fivehanks-flickrphoto: fivehanks via Flickr 

11. Pick a card…. any card game will do, but spoons is a silly old-school game that grandparents have probably played before. The object is to make matches, stealthily swipe spoons and try not to giggle too much when you pull a fast one over on the grandp’s.

12. Plant a terrarium. Assemble a mini garden to combat the winter doldrums with the grands. We love this one because it doubles as a habitat for those little dinos you always find roaming your sidekick’s laundry hills and toy piles.

What’s your favorite way to play with grandparents? Do you think you’ll use some of these ideas? Tell us about it in a comment.

—Allison Sutcliffe

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9 Toy Storage Solutions Every Parent Should Know

If you’ve stepped on a rogue LEGO in the middle of the night on your way to the bathroom, you already know how important toy storage (that works!) is. Feel like you’ve tried everything—short of forbidding toys in your house F-O-R-E-V-E-R? Don’t worry. We’ve found what just might be the ultimate solution to your biggest toy storage dilemmas. Your tender toes can thank us later.


photo: Boon

Problem: Stuffies multiplying at an uncontrollable pace.

Solution: It’s been the default gift from relatives since your kid was a newborn. Now, all of those stuffed animals are gathering dust. A kiss here or a hug there is about as much playtime that these plushies get. But isn’t it funny how our littles know exactly when one is missing? To make everyone happy, try this stuffed animal storage bag by Boon. Instead of just taking up space, you can store tons of stuffed animals in this soft bag, which doubles as a comfy seat.

photo: Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls

Problem: There are a bajillion toy cars strewn everywhere. Traffic jam!

Solution: Clearing the toy car traffic jam is a cinch with this brilliant solution from Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls. The parking garage, which doubles as a carrier and storage case is made from a wooden crate, cardboard, and poster size tube mailers. And, that’s it! Find out how to make your own here, then watch your little ones fill’r up and get to vroom-vrooming.

screen-shot-2016-10-31-at-12-01-03-pmphoto: Lay-n-Go

Problem: Too many LEGO, not enough time to sort them all.

Solution: If we’re being honest with ourselves, we know that even the best laid out LEGO organization system is no match to a kid in a rush to clean up. It’s rare to find the mini blocks color-coded or grouped by type. Everything—eventually—winds up mixed all together. Lay-n-Go acts as activity mat, cleanup, storage and carryall solution in one, and comes in three sizes— a lite 18-inch, a larger 44-inch and a large 5-foot size. Bonus: You can wash it and it comes with a shoulder strap for easy transport.

3b6770606f8e0cef4de3b56ab89062836dd1fc26photo: Apartment Therapy  

Problem: Action figures become nomads with no distinct home base.

Solution: Your mini will, once again, be able to locate Captain America or Barbie and her friends courtesy of this storage idea from Apartment Therapy. An Ikea peg board is outfitted with small hook strips. After the board is secured to the wall, kids can easily hang their favorites for independent retrieval anytime the force awakens.

screen-shot-2016-10-31-at-1-01-10-pmphoto: Money Saving Sisters 

Problem: Flimsy cardboard puzzle boxes lead to lost and mismatched pieces.

Solution: We’re not sure why, but this hanging closet organizer, while great in theory, rarely gets used for it’s intended purpose. If that’s the case at your house, take a cue from the Money Saving Sisters and repurpose the space taker as a puzzle organizer–they’re in the box, they’re off the floor, and they’re easy to sort through. Bonus: You can also use the closet organizer to tame those boardgames.

box-crafts-5photo: How Stuff Works

Problem: Crayons are found all over, in various nooks and crannies.

Solution: Your coloring cutie may be a Picasso in the making, but all is for nought when a specific crayon color has gone missing. Help keep kiddo organizaed with this adorable DIY crayon caddy, explained by How Stuff Works. Simply cover a tissue or sandwich bag box with dot stickers and drop the crayon collection inside. The box is the perfect size for small hands and the perfect solution for frustrated parents.

underthetabletrainset_greatlittletradingco_playroomsolutions_playroom101_national_redtricycle photo: Great Little Trading Company

Problem: Between the wooden trains, track and train table, there’s just no room to actually play in the playroom.

Solution: Whether your kidlet is Team Thomas or Team Chuggington, this under-the-bed storage option from the Great Little Trading Company will hide all those wooden tracks, trains and scene-stealing accessories without needing its own zip code to do so. Plus, your tiny conductor can slide it out to set up her latest train town creation just as easily as she can slip it back into place when clean up time begins. It’s a now-you-see-it, now-you-don’t winning solution to the storage wars.

6a00e55104c123883401310f9985bc970cphoto: Penny Carnival

Problem: Favorite bedtime reads are hard to find stuffed into a bookshelf.

Solution: Tots love books, and they love to pick out their own books during story time. Bookshelves can be too tall (and dangerous if you have a climber on your hands), so your best bet is to keep your little one’s literature at eye level. This easy to make book swing makes book selecting a walk in the park. For how-to instructions, visit the Penny Carnival blog.

screen-shot-2016-10-31-at-3-49-09-pmphoto: Karen Mom of Three’s Craft Blog

Problem: The baby dolls have more clothes than you do.

Solution: Keeping kiddo’s doll clothes fresh and wrinkle free doesn’t work when they’re stuffed in the bottom of the toy bin (or in a plastic baggie). Store and display the cute threads by fitting a bamboo stick or wooden dowel through the side of a plastic laundry basket. Ta-da!

Do you have a favorite storage solution that’s worked well in your playroom? Share it in the Comments.

—Ayren Jackson-Cannady

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Ramp Up Your Wellness Routine with a Crane Humidifier

The school year started with a bang for your crew. New teachers, new friends, and a landslide of new learning they can’t wait to share with you. But alongside these classroom adventures, your little scholar’s bound to bring home a few new germs too. Welcome to the cold and flu season, parents. It’s here to stay. Ramp up your winter wellness routine with a Crane Humidifier. Read on to learn how it can fortify your family’s defenses.

Let’s De-Mist-ify the Benefits

Those first few sniffles. Those tired eyes. Even before your Little goes into full blown cold mode, parents know it’s coming. Seize that calm-before-the-storm moment to help your sidekick feel better sooner. The added cool mist from a Crane humidifier means relief from typical cold and flu symptoms like runny nose, congestion, sore throat and dry cough. And that means better rest and recovery, rather than being bogged down by the icks. Parents will love the Clean Control Antimicrobial material in the base that means 99.96% of bacteria and mold won’t take up residence at your place. All with a whisper quiet presence. If only you could ask the same of your kids!


Newborns can get in on the cool too. Since they breathe out of their nose for the first four to six months, more moisture means easier breathing for them. Plus, lucky parents might notice a change in baby’s eating (hint: it’s less frustrating) or in her sleep habits (more really is better), which means you get more (much-needed) sleep too!


It Doubles as Super Cute Décor

Crane’s Adorable humidifiers are named so for a reason. Choose from one of 23 different characters, each with total kid appeal. A bright yellow ducky adds a touch of sunshine to baby’s nursery, while an old-timey choo-choo helps your little conductor chug on all season long. Or how about a cute blue monster to guard against other monsters under the bed? Each one of these cuddly companions runs quietly for up to 24 hours and turns off when the water reservoir is empty. Easy peasy!


This Tech is Just What the Doctor Ordered

Having a sick kiddo is never easy. But when it comes to waking her once she’s finally nodded off… well, let’s just say it’s not gonna happen. So when tech comes along that keeps them sleeping and helps them feel better too, you do a silent dance of joy.

With a simple finger swipe on your smartphone, parents can control Crane’s SmartDROP Cool Mist Humidifier from anywhere the WiFi waves will let you. The downloadable free app (on Apple or Google Play) is all you need to change the humidity level, mist output and even set a timer, all without setting foot in your sleeping beauty’s room. Shhh…


The Dish on a Deal

Hit the web to find the perfect Crane Humidifier match for your fam this fall. Whether you’re looking for an adorable option to jazz up your kidlet’s room, or want the sleek line of a Drop humidifier you can keep anywhere your family needs a little extra moisture, the Crane website is the fastest way to get yours. Don’t forget to use the promo code HEALTHY16 (contiguous 48-ers only, please) to save $10 on a one-gallon Drop or Adorable Humidifier (expires Dec. 31, 2016). The toughest part of this deal? Deciding which one to choose!

What’s your family’s winter wellness routine? Tell us about it in a Comment.

— Allison Sutcliffe

all photos courtesy of Crane Humidifer


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30 Easy Activities for After School Fun

School’s back in session and the witching hour—those afternoon moments when crankiness is at its peak—has cast a spell over your little ones. Time to pull out your arsenal of activities to keep kiddos busy and happy before dinner’s served. Need a few new ideas? We’ve got you covered. Read on to discover our Red Tricycle checklist of fun, filled with 30 easy, awesome ways to help little minds unwind. Print it out, pin it up, and revisit for activity inspiration.

Psst—click on the blue text in the pdf to get the tutorial! If you want to go green and save paper, opt to check off each box digitally. Remember to save the file to save your progress. Click here to download the pdf (right click and “save as” to save onto your computer).

1. Play a classic backyard game.

2. Build a nature fort in the backyard. 

3. Create something cool out of cardboard.

4. Look for butterflies. 

5. No paint brushes? No problem. Here are 10 art projects that don’t need bristles

6. Go on a scavenger hunt that requires quiet time. 

7. Make a puppet theater.

8. Read a book that inspires innovation.

9. Get crafty a project with five supplies or less!

10. Practice your pirate vocab.

11. Make your TP roll go the distance and use it in a project. 

12. Set up an imaginary world of play and watch the afternoon fly by.

13. The homework’s gotta happen. These ideas will make it fun!

14. Make a pet rock.

15. Arrange a creative play date with friends.

16. Give their brain muscles a boost with easy memory games.

17. Make a toy car garage.

18. Let your little magicians impress you with seven easy magic tricks

19. Spice up coloring time with a new and cool coloring book.

20. Explore the art of image projection with a DIY pinhole camera.

21. Discover easy ways to upcycle your scrap paper.

22. Run relays in the backyard.

23. Feel the force with a Star Wars-themed activity. 

24. Give their green thumbs a workout with eight easy gardening ideas.

25. Share some wacky animal facts.

26. Explore science with simple outdoor experiments.

27. Have a dance party.

28. Whip up a batch of your own bubbles.

29. Try out a new subscription box.

30. Make math fun with these easy games.

Share this checklist with your friends and then tell us below your go-to activity for after school fun!

— Christal Yuen & Gabby Cullen

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