Ramp Up Your Wellness Routine with a Crane Humidifier

The school year started with a bang for your crew. New teachers, new friends, and a landslide of new learning they can’t wait to share with you. But alongside these classroom adventures, your little scholar’s bound to bring home a few new germs too. Welcome to the cold and flu season, parents. It’s here to stay. Ramp up your winter wellness routine with a Crane Humidifier. Read on to learn how it can fortify your family’s defenses.

Let’s De-Mist-ify the Benefits

Those first few sniffles. Those tired eyes. Even before your Little goes into full blown cold mode, parents know it’s coming. Seize that calm-before-the-storm moment to help your sidekick feel better sooner. The added cool mist from a Crane humidifier means relief from typical cold and flu symptoms like runny nose, congestion, sore throat and dry cough. And that means better rest and recovery, rather than being bogged down by the icks. Parents will love the Clean Control Antimicrobial material in the base that means 99.96% of bacteria and mold won’t take up residence at your place. All with a whisper quiet presence. If only you could ask the same of your kids!


Newborns can get in on the cool too. Since they breathe out of their nose for the first four to six months, more moisture means easier breathing for them. Plus, lucky parents might notice a change in baby’s eating (hint: it’s less frustrating) or in her sleep habits (more really is better), which means you get more (much-needed) sleep too!


It Doubles as Super Cute Décor

Crane’s Adorable humidifiers are named so for a reason. Choose from one of 23 different characters, each with total kid appeal. A bright yellow ducky adds a touch of sunshine to baby’s nursery, while an old-timey choo-choo helps your little conductor chug on all season long. Or how about a cute blue monster to guard against other monsters under the bed? Each one of these cuddly companions runs quietly for up to 24 hours and turns off when the water reservoir is empty. Easy peasy!


This Tech is Just What the Doctor Ordered

Having a sick kiddo is never easy. But when it comes to waking her once she’s finally nodded off… well, let’s just say it’s not gonna happen. So when tech comes along that keeps them sleeping and helps them feel better too, you do a silent dance of joy.

With a simple finger swipe on your smartphone, parents can control Crane’s SmartDROP Cool Mist Humidifier from anywhere the WiFi waves will let you. The downloadable free app (on Apple or Google Play) is all you need to change the humidity level, mist output and even set a timer, all without setting foot in your sleeping beauty’s room. Shhh…


The Dish on a Deal

Hit the web to find the perfect Crane Humidifier match for your fam this fall. Whether you’re looking for an adorable option to jazz up your kidlet’s room, or want the sleek line of a Drop humidifier you can keep anywhere your family needs a little extra moisture, the Crane website is the fastest way to get yours. Don’t forget to use the promo code HEALTHY16 (contiguous 48-ers only, please) to save $10 on a one-gallon Drop or Adorable Humidifier (expires Dec. 31, 2016). The toughest part of this deal? Deciding which one to choose!

What’s your family’s winter wellness routine? Tell us about it in a Comment.

— Allison Sutcliffe

all photos courtesy of Crane Humidifer


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30 Easy Activities for After School Fun

School’s back in session and the witching hour—those afternoon moments when crankiness is at its peak—has cast a spell over your little ones. Time to pull out your arsenal of activities to keep kiddos busy and happy before dinner’s served. Need a few new ideas? We’ve got you covered. Read on to discover our Red Tricycle checklist of fun, filled with 30 easy, awesome ways to help little minds unwind. Print it out, pin it up, and revisit for activity inspiration.

Psst—click on the blue text in the pdf to get the tutorial! If you want to go green and save paper, opt to check off each box digitally. Remember to save the file to save your progress. Click here to download the pdf (right click and “save as” to save onto your computer).

1. Play a classic backyard game.

2. Build a nature fort in the backyard. 

3. Create something cool out of cardboard.

4. Look for butterflies. 

5. No paint brushes? No problem. Here are 10 art projects that don’t need bristles

6. Go on a scavenger hunt that requires quiet time. 

7. Make a puppet theater.

8. Read a book that inspires innovation.

9. Get crafty a project with five supplies or less!

10. Practice your pirate vocab.

11. Make your TP roll go the distance and use it in a project. 

12. Set up an imaginary world of play and watch the afternoon fly by.

13. The homework’s gotta happen. These ideas will make it fun!

14. Make a pet rock.

15. Arrange a creative play date with friends.

16. Give their brain muscles a boost with easy memory games.

17. Make a toy car garage.

18. Let your little magicians impress you with seven easy magic tricks

19. Spice up coloring time with a new and cool coloring book.

20. Explore the art of image projection with a DIY pinhole camera.

21. Discover easy ways to upcycle your scrap paper.

22. Run relays in the backyard.

23. Feel the force with a Star Wars-themed activity. 

24. Give their green thumbs a workout with eight easy gardening ideas.

25. Share some wacky animal facts.

26. Explore science with simple outdoor experiments.

27. Have a dance party.

28. Whip up a batch of your own bubbles.

29. Try out a new subscription box.

30. Make math fun with these easy games.

Share this checklist with your friends and then tell us below your go-to activity for after school fun!

— Christal Yuen & Gabby Cullen

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The New Film That Will Empower Your Kids

Every day you’re intent to lead by example, teaching your kids love, empathy and inner strength. The new movie, An American Girl Story – Melody 1963: Love Has to Win shares your vision. The kid-friendly flick follows Melody, a determined and optimistic 10-year-old African-American, as she navigates life and all of its complications during the Civil Rights Movement.

We recently spoke to five moms around the country who watched An American Girl Story – Melody 1963: Love Has to Win with their kids. Read their takeaways and what lessons your own family can learn from the movie below.

1. A Difficult Topic Is Now (a Little) Easier to Talk About
The Civil Rights Movement may not be the first topic to bring up at the dinner table, but it should be after watching An American Girl Story – Melody 1963: Love Has to Win. Kim of Kikhaly tells us, “Although the subject [of the movie] is not one that is easily explained or talked about, this movie is very much kid oriented and is a great catalyst to starting thought promoting discussions about very real topics with your children.” Hear more of Kim’s takeaways, and how her own daughter reacted and was inspired by the film by clicking here.

American Girl

2. The Movie Will Make You Rethink How You Model Inner Strength for Your Kids
An American Girl Story – Melody 1963: Love Has to Win made Raki of Outside the Box Mom blog rethink how she sets examples and acts as a role model for her family. She tells us, “I was inspired to reflect on how I model inner strength for my kids. I really want to empower my daughter and help her be resilient so she can flourish in life.” And the legacy she wants to leave to her kids? Raki reveals, “It’s empowering to know you’re in control of your own actions. That’s ultimately the legacy I strive to leave my children with and hope they remember that as they move into adulthood.” Read more about Raki’s reaction to the Amazon Prime Video here.

American Girl

3. You Have Another Teaching Opportunity
Besides acting as a role model to your kids, you’re always looking for teaching opportunities to really guide them. Colorado Mountain Mom, Tami thinks that An American Girl Story – Melody 1963: Love Has to Win is a great movie that resonates with kids of all ages. Tami writes, “I look for teaching opportunities and resources that will model good characteristics, and inspire them. With a young boy age 6, and a tween girl age 11, it’s not always the same thing that will strike a chord.  Last weekend we all watched the new American Girl movie on Amazon [Prime Video], and it fit the bill nicely. The messaging behind this movie is fantastic.” Hear more from Tami here.

American Girl

4. Sometimes You Should Look to the Past
Sure, looking to the future is great, but sometimes it’s just as valuable to look to the past. After watching An American Girl Story – Melody 1963: Love Has to Win, Destiney of Mom Crush Monday did just that. Specifically, she recalled what inspired her as a little girl. Destiney reveals, “I thought back to my great grandma. She inspired me endlessly while I was growing up. Just like Melody watched her mama, I watched my great grandma’s every move. She was a show stopper. She spoke her mind in a time that she was told she wasn’t supposed to. She was a path paver, for girls like me to grow into women like her. I sat there last night, grateful for the women who cam before me. Women that inspired Trish’s character in an American Girl Story; and women like my great grandmother. Women whom I aspire to embody on my own journey.” Curious to hear more? Read more from Destiney here.

American Girl

5. Love Really Does Make a Difference
Julia of Tales of a Southern Mom blog asks the same question many parents ponder daily, “How do you fight hate as a mom?” For Julia, watching An American Girl Story – Melody 1963: Love Has to Win with her family is a simple way to educate and combat hate. Her reaction to the movie: “How do you fight hate as a mom? I am feeling so encouraged and inspired to try to go out of my way and continue to show my kids adopted and biological, how much love can make a difference to someone.  This holiday season we are going to find someway to love someone in a way they never expect, regardless of what they look like!” Find out more about Julia’s takeaways here.

Watch An American Girl Story – Melody 1963: Love Has to Win only on Amazon Prime Video.  

How do you empower your kids and teach them to combat hate? What are your reactions to An American Girl Story – Melody 1963: Love Has to Win?



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Little Partners

Little Partners

Save $20 on Little Partners Deluxe Easel in September!  Use code RedTri1.

Founded by a mother with a Montessori background, Little Partners creates products that nurture the partnership between parent and child and help children safely discover the world around them.

Our flagship Original Learning Tower nurtures a child’s blossoming independence, while providing a secure environment for her to learn and play. Designed for toddlers, as young as 18 months, the Original Learning Tower features rails on all four sides, sits flush against counters and offers three height positions. Optional accessories, including playhouse kits and an easel attachment, help keep kids entertained for hours.

The Deluxe Learn & Play Art Center Easel and Tri-Side Learn & Play Art Center encourage children’s creative sides.  Both include a rack for rolls of parchment paper, a shelf for storage and are made from layered pine to withstand years of use. The Tri-Side Learn & Play Art Center includes a chalkboard, magnetic dry erase board and felt board. The Deluxe Learn & Play Art Center Easel offers a magnetic dry erase white board and a chalkboard on a sturdy A-Frame.

For older children and adults, Little Partners offers the Growing Step Stool, a 3-position adjustable height step stool made of durable birch wood and supporting up to 250 pounds.


-from Little Partners
Phone: 800-704-9058
Online: littlepartners.com
Facebook: facebook.com/littlepartnerslearn
Twitter: twitter.com/littlepartners1
Instagram: instagram.com/littlepartners
Pinterest: pinterest.com/learningtower


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Magic Reigns at the New Luxury Bahia Principe Fantasia Resort

Combine white sandy beaches, a few castles, water play for days, and a bit of magic—what do you get? An unforgettable family vacation. Lounge by the pool, play in the waves, let the kids soak up the magical entertainment; there’s no end to the adventures that await you at the all-new Luxury Bahia Principe Fantasia in the Dominican Republic. Read on for an insider’s guide to the newest resort to open its doors on Bávaro Beach, and get ready to experience happiness.

photo: courtesy Grupo Piñero

A Magical Paradise with Modern Perks

Upon arrival at the Bahia Principe Fantasia, if the staggering castle surrounded by sparkling blue pools doesn’t wow you, the jugglers, macaws, a dazzling array of colorfully dressed characters and the resort mascot (Monkey) will do the trick.

Service is a priority here: Once you’ve checked in, an on-call butler will escort you to your suite. The kids will receive robes in their size, as well as a bag full of toiletries and a fun bear-shaped sponge. There’s 24-hour room service available, a nanny service (at an extra cost), and waiter service at both the beach and the pool.

The Luxury Bahia Principe Fantasia is all-inclusive, which means your food, drink, kids club, entertainment, beach service, room service and even a special check-in for the little ones are all included in your cost.


Explore the Realm

The list of activities and entertainment are impressive, with daily performances, light shows, water play and even scavenger hunts! Guests can wander through the mercado, explore Adventure Park, play mini-golf or visit another family-friendly hotel on the property.

Enjoy Watersports
When you stay at the Fantasia, you can enjoy one hour of non-motorized water sports everyday for free. Sign up for scuba lessons, pick between snorkling, kayaking, and paddle surfing—or try them all! Be sure to get signed up ahead of time: It’s first come, first serve. 


Play at the Water Park
Kids can slip down two-story high slides and look out for dump buckets. Parents can actually kick back and relax because there’s always at least two lifeguards on duty. The waterpark has a beach entry—a great option for any tiny tots—and the nearby Oxides Cafe has a welcoming shade structure for parents keeping an eye on smaller kids.

luxurybahiafantasia_rdo_families_kidsclub_033_medphoto: courtesy Grupo Piñero

Hang Out in the Kids Club
For hotel guests ages 4 – 12, the kid’s club is a happening place. It’s open from 9:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. and offers a retreat from the sun and water fun. Spanish lessons, painting, scavenger hunts, mini-Olympic games, theater shows, ping pong and video games are just a few of the regularly scheduled activities. There’s also a quiet place for babies to nap (parents must stay in the building), if Mom or Dad want to hang with older kiddos. No food is served at Kid’s Club, so be sure get your adults-only time in before picking up the little ones for lunch or dinner.


Relax Poolside
The two pools surrounding the castle in the middle of the resort are filled with crystal clear water. There’s an easy entrance at one side for tots, spa-like jet tubs (not heated), comfy cabanas with cushions, and a swim-up bar for refreshments.


Hit the Beach
Sugary sand beaches, warm waters and table service are all part of the package when you stay at Luxury Bahia Principe Fantasia. There’s a special area reserved for guests of the hotel, but it blends in with the beachfronts of the other hotels on the resort (there are seven hotels at Bahia Principe, three for adults only and four that welcome families) so there’s mix of guests sharing the beach, from families to honeymooners and retirees.


Learn About Chocolate
Just a quick tram ride away inside the Bahia Principe Bavaro Playa hotel is Chocolate & CIA. You can take a chocolate-making class, which includes the rich history of the cacao plant and plenty of tasting opportunities!

bavarorunners_gabbycullen_bahiaprincipe_redtricycleGet Off the Resort
Families can choose from a wide variety of day trips and excursions. Bavaro Runners does a fantastic tour of the local countryside, where you’ll learn about the agricultural wealth of the Dominican Republic: sugar cane, cacao, coffee, and vanilla (this trip is probably best suited to older kiddos). Other options include snorkeling tours, the chance to swim with dolphins, exploring stingray bay and even horseback riding.

lightshow_bahiafantasia_rdo_pool_castel_006_medphoto: courtesy Grupo Piñero

Magical Nights
Every night at Fantasia includes family entertainment: inspiring music, energetic dancing, and a fantastical tale about a boy and his discovery of the larimar stone—the resort’s answer to a bedtime story. The castle that reigns in the middle of the resort lights up in shimmering colors, and fire dancers move to the beat.


Food for Your Royal Crew

Hungry guests have the choice of two buffet-style spots, three a la carte spots (all three require formal dress and a reservation), and one super kid-friendly snack bar. Psst! Each a la carte restaurant has a signature drink: limoncello, modern cosmos, piña coladas and others.


The Larimore
Your breakfast spot while staying at Fantasia! Each morning you’ll choose from a wide variety of options for all ages: eggs cooked your way, bagels, donuts, fruit for miles, traditional Dominican fare and even a kid-sized buffet that serves up goodies like french toast, hash browns, sandwiches and more.beachsidecafe_gabbycullen_luxurybahiaprincipe_redtricycleBeachside Cafe
Grab lunch at the beachside cafe. Options range from hot dogs and fries to regional fare like seafood casserole and plantains.


Garden Circus
A classic steakhouse with a twist—you’ll be entertained by jugglers, acrobats and other entertainers during your meal. Head to the buffet of appetizers to start (cheeses, salad, small bites), then follow up with an entree. The meal is followed by desserts such as gelato, mini pies and fruit.

legourmet_luxurybahiaprincipefantasia_redtricyclephoto: courtesy Grupo Piñero

Le Gourmet
Beautifully arranged food with cutting-edge style, this could be the place to have date night while on your vacation. Think beef tournedos, sea bass stuffed with king crab and even vegetarian options.

ilparadiso_luxurybahiafantasia_redtricycle_054_medphoto: courtesy Grupo Piñero

Il Paradiso
Traditional Italian food with a twist of modern design. Delicious appetizers and cheese boards are followed by pastas, risottos, desserts and more.

sushibar_kokoro_luxurybahiafantasia_redtricyclephoto: courtesy Grupo Piñero

Kokoro Sushi Bar
You’ll find this hidden gem located in the castle that holds court in the main pool area.


Oxides Snack Bar
Located right next to the Bahia Scouts water park, little guests can grab a snack or popsicle before hitting up the waterslide.

juniorsuite_luxurybahiaprincipefantasia_redtricyclephoto: courtesy Grupo Piñero

Royal Chambers

There are over 500 rooms at the Luxury Principe Bahia Fantasia. Many of them have a pool view, come with either two full beds or a king bed, a sofa sleeper bed, mini bar, jet bathtub, tile floors. There are no suites with separate bedrooms but there are two adjoining rooms on every floor.

Luxury Bahia Principe Fantasia

Arena Gorda – Macao.
Punta Cana Provincia La Altagracia.
Dominican Republic
T: +1 (809) 552 14 44

Do you like all-inclusive resort vacations? Tell us about your experiences in a Comment below. 

Note: This trip was paid for by Bahia Principe Hotels & Resorts but all opinions expressed here belong to the writer.

—All words and images by Gabby Cullen unless noted otherwise.

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Hudson & Heart Company

Hudson & Heart Company

Hudson and Heart Co. is a mom and daughter owned gift brand.  We strive to make gifts that uplift, inspire, and that are just downright cute. We put so much thought and prayer into every product in hopes that everything we create makes the all encompassing perfect gift.

We offer a unique alternative to the popular gender reveal celebrations.  Our Gender Reveal Loveys come packaged in a keepsake box with a fun Old Wives Tale prediction game on the back to do prior to opening.  It includes one of our adorable boy or girl loveys and a set of monthly milestone stickers.  This is such an exciting surprise and a keepsake all in one gift.  It is truly a gift your little one can grow with!

We also offer a variety of ceramic gift plates, two that are specially designed for a new baby girl or boy.  Each plate comes with special symbolism, a gift label and a recipe.

For every item sold, we donate to a child in need through the Feed My Starving Children charity.  We love that by purchasing a gift for a loved one, you are also able to help children around the world.


-from Lori Christopoulos, Ashley Yancer, & Lauren Wails, Hudson & Heart Company
Email: customerservice@hudsonandheart.com
Online: hudsonandheartco.com
Facebook: facebook.com/hudsonandheartco
Twitter: twitter.com/handhcompany
Instagram: instagram.com/hudsonandheartco
Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/HandHcompany


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Make a Date with Spongebob & Friends in Punta Cana

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Why, Spongebob, of course! And, because of a joint venture between Nickelodeon, Viacomm and Karisma Hotels and Resorts, you get to visit his sweet (literally!) pineapple digs next to the gorgeous sea at the all-inclusive Nickelodeon Hotels and Resorts Punta Cana. Read on to hear about the newest resort that should top your family’s travel {sand} bucket list.

photo: Nickelodeon Resort Sliming

Does anything scream family fun more than getting slimed as a family? You certainly won’t forget the experience, that’s for sure. Nickelodeon Hotels and Resorts makes planning a sophisticated family vacation that’s appealing to ALL ages a reality. While you’ll find activities around every corner that will solicit big smiles from the littles, kid-level fun isn’t so in your face that you feel like adults weren’t thought about at all. Every detail is well-thought out to make the vacation enjoyable, no matter the ages or interests. You’ll have all-inclusive access to Spanish lessons, exercise, dance and cooking classes, gourmet dining experiences and non-stop water activities. Not to mention an on-site spa for when you need to breakaway for much-needed alone time. Let the concierge help you step outside the resort for scuba diving trips, fishing and island tours, snorkeling, zip lining and more!

spongbobs-housephoto: Pineapple Villa

A Spongebob Immersion
Your littlest Spongebob fans will have their minds blown with a stay in the Pineapple Villa, aka Spongebob’s swanky Caribbean digs. There’s only one of these beauties at the resort, but there are three other Super Pool Villas that offer the exact amenities, just without the signature pineapple entrance. These 1,500-square-foot, 2 bedroom/3-bath villas include a lush garden, private outdoor shower, butler service and a reserved cabana at the beach.

punta-cana-pool-villaphoto: Super Pool Villa

The roundup of accommodation options
Besides the villas, Nickelodeon Resort has several options that make great spots to rest your square pants for the night. The suites feature 1 king or 2 double beds, a pull-out sofa, dining room, TV, play area and a spacious balcony with sitting area. The swim-up suites have everything we just listed, but the added benefit of having a pool right at your back door, just off your terrace complete with lounge seats. These smaller pools are at the base of the suite buildings and are for guests staying in the swim-up suites only.

Pad Suite Nickelodeon Punta Canaphoto: Nickelodeon Resort Pad Suite

We see you looking at the bath tub visible from the room. No worries, a screen lowers for privacy so you don’t feel like you’re splashing about in a fish bowl.

Swim up Flat Suite Nickeledeon Punta Canaphoto: Swim-Up Flat Suite

Some of the larger suites feature a master bedroom and private wrap-around balcony with a private plunge pool and sitting area.

punta-cana-poolphoto: Pool time via Maria Chambers

Get your fins wet
The resort has two pools open to all resort guests, the Infinity Pool and the Activity Pool. Both are just steps from the golden sands of Uvero Alto Beach’s sparkling ocean waters. The Infinity Pool is a great spot to submerge and enjoy the serenity of vacation or watch the sun set, while the Activity Pool is a prime spot for getting silly with water games and partaking in the daily instructor-led exercise classes.

aqua-nickphoto: Aqua Nick

Relaxing by the pool is great and all, but sometimes you want your water play to come with a side of rowdy fun. Aqua Nick gives kids a chance to let loose with water slides, splash pads, spray grounds and a lazy river. Oh, and no Nickelodeon experience is complete without a sliming. Throw your name in for a chance to get slimed! Aqua Nick is a bit removed from the other two pools and restaurants.  If you find yourself hungry while you’re visiting that section of the resort, Nick Bites is steps from the pool and features light meals and cold drinks. Perfect for throwing down some food quick, and then getting back to aiming that water cannon at a deserving sibling.

sugarcane-punta-cana-feastphoto: Breakfast feasting at Sugarcane via Maria Chambers

Where to grab grub
The dining options are almost endless and the food is prepared with all ages in mind. With 12 restaurants on site and 24-hour room service, there’s not chance you’ll find yourself feeling hungry.

Sugarcane is a swell spot to hit for breakfast. Their breakfast buffet is something that must be experienced, offering fresh juices, omelets, waffles, eggs, cheese and meats — really anything you could imagine putting in your tummy first thing in the morning.

brgsphphoto: BRGRS.PH

BRGRS.PH is a favorite lunch spot, with a cool food truck inside the restaurant where a chef prepares many of the food options on board, while another crew works in the kitchen.

Fresco Gourmet Cornerphoto: Fresco

If you’re starving, but finding it hard to break from water play, give Fresco a shout. As per the name, Fresco delivers fresh, creative and delicious offerings in an “al fresco” setting. Grab a quick meal or drink at the swim-up bar, being sure to give their daily ceviche creation using bounties fresh from the sea a try.

spacewalker-punta-canaphoto: Spacewalker, Interstellar Cuisine

For a cool vibe that will keep the kids distracted while you sneak in a bit of adult conversation, moonwalk over to Spacewalker. We can almost guarantee they’ve never been in a space like this and they’ll busy themselves the whole meal just taking it all in. Be sure to be on the lookout for the spacesuit hanging about, it makes for a great photo opp for the littles who find space travel awe-inspiring.

Doppio Coffeephoto: Doppio Coffee and Tea

Jazz up your personality with a caffeine fix when you find yourself dragging by stopping over at Doppio Coffee and Tea, where you’ll find variety of speciality coffees, teas and a glass case of gourmet sweets you won’t be able to resist. Don’t forget, this is all-inclusive, so make it a double!

punta-cana-swim-up-barphoto: Chillin’ at the Jazmin Swim-Up Bar and Deck

Take a break from your game of Marco Polo to shark up to Jazmin Swim-Up Bar and Deck overlooking the ocean for a mocktail made just for your little guppy. While they’re sucking down a fruity treat, ask the barkeep to whip up the adult version for you.

Add a little character to your day
Spongebob and his quirky sidekick, Patrick, might be two of the most recognizable Nickelodeon characters, but they’re certainly not the only. A visit to Character Central will be rewarded with one-on-one encounters and photo opps with Dora the Explorer, Chase and Marshal from PAW Patrol, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the Fairly Odd Parents and more!

character-breakfast-punta-canaphoto: Character Breakfast at Zest via Maria Chambers

If you’d prefer to break bread and play along with these fun lovers, consider booking the Character Breakfast at Zest, a mediterrean restaurant with food displays for breakfast and lunch and an a la carte menu for dinner. Note: while the resort is all-inclusive, the character breakfast is an extra charge, but the giggles you’ll garner from your little travel mates make it well worth the extra coin.

just-kiddinphoto: Just Kiddin

Sneak in adult time with your love by dropping kids ages 4-12 years old for supervised free play at Just Kiddin, which is part clubhouse, part artist’s studio. Take this time to dine at Kitchen 23, an adults-only experience with culinary creations and cocktails using imaginative ingredients and techniques. Wash down the meal with a sangria at Vino Vino before shuttling the kids back to your room.

nickelodeon-punta-cana-tate-beachphoto: Making a run for the salty fun via Maria Chambers

Best time to drop in on Punta Cana
Because Punta Cana is in the Caribbean, the weather is beautiful all year round. If you’re looking to hit this hotspot during a quieter, less crowded time, consider traveling March-May when the highs average in the low 80s. Hurricane season is June-November, but your chances of getting great weather are still pretty good. The warmest months on the island are June-September. If you’re considering visiting during peak season, December-February, it’s advised to plan 6 months out.

punta-canaphoto: the view from above en route to Punta Cana via Maria Chambers

  • Travel tips
    Be sure to travel with cash! Each traveler entering the Dominican Republic must pay a $10 cash-only fee.
  • Electric outlets are the same as in the US and Canada, so no need to worry about bringing adapters for all those electronics you won’t need because you’ll be outside soaking up the sunshine!
  • The language spoken on the island is Spanish, but most resort employees are fluent in English, so communicating won’t be a problem. But, hey! It’d be a good time to test out those two years of Spanish your mom made you take in high school, si?
  • Shuttles are available from the Punta Cana Airport, which is about 25 miles south of the resort. Be sure to schedule this through the resort prior to your arrival.
  • Set expectations – some kids dream of shell collecting when you tell them a beach vacation is on the horizon. You won’t likely find shells of any significance on Punta Cana.
  • The selection of sunscreens is limited, so if you have a favorite or have kids with sensitive skin, consider bringing your own from home.
  • While the gift shop sells boogie boards and some toss-around toys, there are no buckets and shovels available for purchase. If you’re looking to do some serious castle building, pack your own supplies.

Nickelodeon Hotels & Resorts
Daily rates starting at $375/adult, $281/teen, $100/child (based on double occupancy)
Carr Uvero Alto
Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
Online: nickresortpuntacana.com

Have you vacationed in Punta Cana with the family? Share your experience in the Comments below!

— Maria Chambers

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Entertaining Elephants

Entertaining Elephants

“Entertaining Elephants clothing is based on simple classic shapes and quality materials. Soft, comfortable, versatile, organic and sustainable – kids clothes your children will want to live in playtime through bedtime.  Simple, timeless shapes in wonderful colors to mix, match and layer. Quality fabric and construction that will last wash after wash, year after year. Designed to endure, full-length pants become cropped, a dress becomes a tunic.  You’ll find your children asking for their clothes with the little elephant again and again, and because quality and sustainability never go out of style, they can be lovingly passed down to the next generation.”


-from Ellen Massee, Entertaining Elephants
12053 1/2 Ventura Place
Studio City, Ca 91604
Phone: 818-766-9177
Online: entertainingelephants.com
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