The World’s Biggest Bounce House Is Now on Tour

“We had a dream. A dream to build a bounce house. A bounce house so awesome in scale and content that you, your friends and your families would travel from far and wide to marvel at its awesomeness,” says the pair on the website. “We dreamed of inflatable forests, inflatable boats and inflatable gorillas taller than apartment blocks all contained within the walls of our candy-colored castle. We dreamed of DJs spinning from a stage in the middle of all this, of massive sound-systems, confetti blasts, beach balls and all manner of thrilling entertainment happening around us as we bounced. And we dreamed that it was big. Really, really big.”

It’s so big that the inflatable playground is separated into several different zones which include slides, ball pits, and a VIP section with a foam pit and a chill out lounge. Tickets, which cost $12 to $39, give bouncers one hour of time in the structure. And, if you’re worried about your tiny jumpers getting bonked by the big kids, you can book the special “Family Sessions” for kids ages 7 and under.

The Big Bounce Tour began in June and continues through November. Check the website to find out if it’s coming to your town.

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