15 Earth-Friendly Websites

Good news, Kermit! Being green just got a whole lot easier. In order to help you respect your mother (earth), we’ve created the ultimate list of eco-friendly websites. Each one is brimming with trusted resources and creative ideas to help you create a lifestyle that’s not only natural but practical too. Scroll down to see them all.

1GirlieGirl Army
You’d like to go green, but you think it means giving up all your glamazon gear. Think again. GirlieGirl Army is a website dedicated to making the world sustainably beautiful. You’ll find tips for consigning and shopping vintage, discover the new and cool “green” fashion brands, pick up natural wellness tips and more. The contributor list is impressive, ranging from vegan chefs to doulas and fashionistas.

2. Healthy Child Healthy World
After Nancy and James Chuda lost their only daughter to non-genetic cancer most likely caused by maternal exposure to pesticides, they took action. From diligently working to influence policy makers and legislation to demanding corporate accountability from manufacturers, the Chuda’s non-profit supports parents in their efforts to create safe and healthy environments. This organization is a go-to resource for trusted brands, products, and healthy living solutions.

3. TreeHugger
The hard-working editors and experts at TreeHugger strive to be a one-stop shop for green news, solutions and product information. You can sign up for a weekly or daily newsletter in order to dtay up-to-date on topics such as design, tech, business, living and science.

4. The Green Mama
Ready to take a seat on the go-green caravan? It’s time for you to meet the Green Mama, more formally known as Manda Aufochs Gillespie. She specializes in helping her clients make fun and easily maintainable healthy lifestyle changes. We love her because she jokes about the “green police,” a label she saves for people who are more eager to judge than to support. Here’s a green mama with whom we can all relate!

Online: thegreenmama.com


5. Mothering
Beware, this site has so much useful information, you could end up browsing for hours. Yes even (gasp!) right through nap time! We especially like the active forums that range from buying and selling gently-used goods to an age-based Q&A. Simply sign up to meet thousands of like-minded parents.

Online: mothering.com


6. Living Pretty Naturally
Filled with helpful tips on how to treat your body from inside out, suggestions on how to cook foods that are best for natural beauty, and what not to put on your face, Living Pretty Naturally is where you’ll want to go for a killer sugar scrub recipe or for the latest natural cosmetics reviews. There’s a section for him, her, and even baby!     

Online: livingprettynaturally.com  


7. The Eco-Friendly Family
We love this site because it’s designed with the modern family in mind. From cool new products to how to keep it eco-chic, the Eco-Friendly Family is a go-to resource for people who don’t want to sacrifice style in their quest to help save the planet.

Extra Eco-Credit: You’ll find a ton of DIY tutorials that are actually easy to do.

Online: theecofriendlyfamily.com


8. Groovy Green Livin’
Started by a self-proclaimed “recovering attorney” Groovy Green Livin’ is a website devoted to helping people make simple changes which lead to a greener life. What exactly does that mean? Author Lori Popkewitz Alpe outlines six steps to help get you started, which include switching to non-toxic cleaners and saying goodbye to paper towels. 

Online: groovygreenlivin.com


9. Peace Love Organic Mom
Filled with product and service reviews and saving tips and coupons, PLOM is a great resource for parents that want to start their path to greener pastures.

Extra Eco-Credit: Explore PLOM’s Pinterest page for vegan desserts, eco-friendly party ideas, and more.  

Online: peaceloveorganicmom.com


10. Environmental Working Group
If you want straight facts without the frills, the Environmental Working Group is where you’ll find them. EWG has a simple mission—to empower people to live healthier lives in a healthier environment. They tackle key issues in energy, farming, and consumer products, and their investigations are eye-opening.

Extra Eco-Credit: Their consumer guide section is one of the best. From sunscreen to pesticides in produce, you’ll find an environmental “grade” on over 80,000 products. We especially love their Skin Deep Cosmetics database.

Online: ewg.com


11. Kitchen Stewardship
Don’t be fooled by the name, this website is more than just green smoothies and tips on how to keep your kitchen stocked with organic fruits and veggies (although it’s a great resource for those too!). The site also includes countless product reviews and tons of tips on how to eat well and spend less while entertaining, packing healthy lunches, and feeding kids with food allergies.

Extra Eco-Credit: We also love Kitchen Stewardship’s YouTube channel, perfect for when you’re in the mood to watch rather than read.

Online: kitchenstewardship.com


12. Happy Mothering
This site feels like a visit to an old friend’s house. The host, Chrystal, is a mother of two and began her journey towards a more natural lifestyle after being diagnosed with (and beating!) melanoma in February 2007. Her site is full of creative ideas on how to take a more holistic approach to everyday family life. It’s practical and reliable, just like that childhood friend.

Extra Eco-Credit: Happy Mothering has a great section on Essential Oils, and how to incorporate them into your home.

Online: happymothering.com


13. Mother Earth News
If you’ve ever had a chance to flip through the magazine you know Mother Earth News is stocked with tons of information on how to live a more earth-conscious life. The website is no different. Browse sections dedicated to topics such as Homesteading and Livestock, Natural Health, and DIY projects, or watch videos on organic gardening before finding recipes for fresh, healthy eats.

Extra Eco-Credit: There’s also a podcast! Click here to find out more.

Online: motherearthnews.com


14. Petite Planet
This site is filled with fun, sustainable crafting ideas, toy and gadget reviews, as well as first-hand accounts from moms in the know. Browse the various categories, which include health, bath & beauty, feeding, clothing and green design.

Online: petiteplanet.com


15. Eartheasy
The professionals have arrived. The founders of Eartheasy have been living off the land for more than 30 years, which led them to create a website focused on bringing sustainable solutions to a wider audience. There’s a vast shop filled with everything from kitchen utensils to water filtration systems, and a blog with helpful articles and posts on all sorts of eco-friendly topics.

Online: eartheasy.com

Want more? Check out Red Tricycle’s 2016 Green Living Power Moms.

Did we miss your favorite? Let us know in the comment section below.

—Gabby Cullen & Aimee Della Bitta

Feature photo: Simply Bike via Flickr

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