Super Bowl Games for Kids

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Super Bowl Sunday is a great excuse for some family time. Keep the littles engaged during the game with a round (or several rounds) of Super Bowl Bingo. We’ve created a printable template with four different variations, you supply the players! Grab a couple of treats as prizes and you’ve got a great way for the whole team to get interactive throughout the day. Click here to print your own!


Will you play Super Bowl Bingo at your house today? 

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Winter Games and Activities for Kids

While the rest of the world slows down in winter, your little energizer bunny clearly missed the memo. As far as your wiggle worm is concerned, it’s business as usual. That’s why we’ve rounded up a slew of easy games and activities to expertly fuel your winter playtime.

girls-playing-with-balloons-nagarjun-kandukuru-flickrphoto: Nagarjun Kandukuru via Flickr 

Let the Games Begin… Inside!

Blow it up! Balloon sports are all the rage for indoor playtime with your crew. All it takes to play balloon volleyball, baseball, basketball or hockey is hot air (to blow up the balloons!) and a little ingenuity. Use trash cans on opposite sides of room as baskets for basketball, and a simple painter’s tape line to divide the room, making a volleyball net. For hockey and baseball, use pool noodles to bat balloons in the air or on the ground. They shoot, you score with these simple games!

photo: Gabby Cullen

Get over it! And under it, and through it when you set up an obstacle course around the house for your kiddos to complete. Use what you’ve got (hello, boxes from holiday deliveries!) to set one up. Then have your munchkin stretch a bit before she sets out to test her ninja warrior skills on the course that gives her a totally legit reason to climb around the furniture. That’s a win-win!

Get physical! Allison at No Time For Flashcards is all about getting kidlets moving on a blustery winter day. She’s mapped out everything you need to know to recreate this simple game at home. All it takes are a few index cards, markers and scissors to start playing. And she recommends that parents get in on the fun too. The best part? Skipping that trip to the gym on a cold day.

kids-juggling-scarves-franklin-park-library-flickrphoto: Franklin Public Library via Flickr

It’s a toss up! Life with kids is always a circus. So it’s only fitting your Littles should take time to clown around when they need to get those wiggles out. Help them on their way with some simple juggling instruction. Our Everyday Life maps out an easy way to learn in just three steps, using scarves instead of beanbags or balls. Since they fall so much slower, it gives kiddos the time they need to figure out how to keep everything up in the air.

Cheer up! Get into the family spirit by having your crew come up with a family cheer routine. Be sure to include all the signature moves like pyramids (parents on base!), claps, and plenty of herkies. Pom poms are optional on this one. The best part? You can pull this bad boy out at the family annual reunion or when your mini-me rocks a play on the sports field. Go team!

bubble-wrap-toes-ali-torres-flickrphoto: Ali Torres via Flickr

Jump up and get down! Start stockpiling bubble wrap from your holiday packages now to get you through the winter months. When your half pints get restless, pull it out and create a dance floor. Crank the tunes and let them jump, jump, jump!

Get into the groove! Host a rockin’ indoor dance party with your sidekick. But instead of just flipping on the standard iTunes playlist, queue up some YouTube vids to get everyone moving in the same direction. We’re crushing on Shake Your Sillies Out, The Hokey Pokey, and one that every child of the ’80s should pass on to their kin—Mickey’s Mousercize. Dance till they drop!

hearthopscotch_valentinesdayactivities_national_redtricyclephoto: Kristina Buskirk via Toddler Approved

Hop ’til you drop! A long stretch of wood or tile flooring is all your mini-me needs to play a little indoor hopscotch. Lay out the game using painters or washi tape so it won’t stick to your floors. Then off they go, tossing and hopping down the alley until they reach 10. Get more on this sweet idea over at Toddler Approved.

Turn it up (or down)! We heart this simple game that’s a total energy burn for the wee ones. To play, grab 20 Solo or Dixie cups from the cupboards. Then scatter them around the room, 10 facing up and 10 facing down. Divide your crew into the Up Team and the Down Team before setting a 5 minute timer. Once the timer is set, send them off to flip cups in their direction (up for Up Team, down for Down Team). This super fun, super silly game will wear them out! 


photo: Pete Toscano via Flickr

Let the Games Continue… Outside!

You’re it! It doesn’t get any easier than tag when your half pints need to move. Throw them outside, name someone as “it” and leave the rest up to them. All they need is an open space and some warm clothes to get this game groove on!

The race is on! Pull out the sleds for head-to-head relay races in the yard (If you don’t have snow on the ground, your mini-me can load up stuffies, dolls or robot toys in need of rescuing on her trusty wagon.). Once her load is set, race down, leave the cargo and race back to grab more before heading out again. If your kiddo flies solo, time her as she makes her down-and-back trips to see just how fast she can deliver everyone to safety.

boy-in-snowfort-popofatticus-flickrphoto: Popofatticus via Flickr

Build big! Building a bodacious snow fort is as simple as grabbing a loaf pan, filling it up, and putting it all on repeat. Have your mini-me build and stack brick after brick of the white stuff to make her own fabu fort when she’s looking for something to do. Even without snow on the ground, you kidlet can test her fort building prowess: Encourage her to scavenge fallen branches and pine tree boughs to build a teepee.

Take aim! Have hula hoop? Will play. Set out three in the yard, on the ground or hang them from trees. Then have your crew gather an arsenal of snowballs (or use tennis or baseballs if you’re in a no-snow-zone) to throw in this target practice session. Take aim and toss! Score points for each ball that makes it through the hoop. Fire away!

girl-throwing-snowball-miki-yoshihito-flickrphoto: MIKI Yoshihito via Flickr

Dodge snowballs! There’s nothing better than a simple snowball fight to get families outside and moving. Grab a handful, mold it tight and then let ‘er fly, taking aim at sibs, parents or friends.

Get hunting! Let your kiddos loose in the backyard to seek out hidden treasures. They’ll have a blast busting through the snow or grass trying to find little trinkets you’ve hidden beforehand. If snow’s your backdrop, make it a rainbow hunt, hiding plenty of colorful objects your little sleuths need to find. If not, go with a camo scavenger hunt, digging up wintery earth tone items to hide that’ll give them a challenge. It’s a you hide, they seek kind of game! 

kids-hiking-forest-allison-sutcliffephoto: Allison Sutcliffe

Walk it out! Whether winter at your place involves snow or not, taking the Littles for a walk in the woods gets the blood flowing. Find a clear trail or lace up those furry winter boots to bust through the snow pack in a state or city park, forest preserve or nearby open space that gives them plenty of room to roam. Then it’s as simple as putting one foot in front of the other.

What’s your favorite get-moving game? Do you have one to add to our list? Tell others about it in a comment.

—Allison Sutcliffe

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12 Easy Activities that Span Generations

Your busy bee bounces from one activity to the next, barely catching her breath in between. But when grandparents are on the holiday scene, you’ve got to find a way to slow the pace… at least a little bit. We’ve found 12 activities your sidekick will love, that grandma and grandpa (or any elder in your clan) can keep up with whenever they visit. Scroll down for the intergenerational ideas.

photo: Allison Sutcliffe

1. Start a board game bonanza. Busting out board games is always a good bet to cross the generational divide. So open up the game closet and pick a few that everyone can play. It’s your move!

2. How about some tea for two? Raiding grandma’s jewelry box is just the start of an impromptu intergenerational tea party that everyone’s invited to. Frilly gloves, floppy hats and plenty of vintage bling is the requisite attire for this low-key activity that lets grandma and grandpa take a seat and sip tea while the grandkids do the serving.

kid-with-dominoes-edward-stojakovic-flickrphoto: Edward Stojakovic via flickr

3. Knock out a domino maze. There’s something so satisfying about building a huge domino run and knocking it down. Having grandparents around to help oversee construction and make corrections so the whole thing goes as planned is even better. Build, topple, repeat!

4. Book an interview with your favorite sexa- or septua-genarian. Then break out this hard-hitting questionnaire so grams and gramps can really dish the dirt on life way back when. It’s a sweet conversation starter they’ll both love!



5. Bring the outside in. Even if you don’t have snow on the ground this winter, recreating Babble Dabble Do’s psychedelic snowflakes will have you wishing for snow. Gran and Gramps will love helping to decorate and dye these vibrant beauties so you can deck out all the halls.

6. Win when you draw. Despite its morbid name, Exquisite Corpse is actually a zany way for budding artists and their grandparents to draw collectively. The Artful Parent has the how-to’s on this toned-down activity that’s as simple as drawing silly characters with a pencil and paper. Don’t forget to color your creation when it’s done!

girl-and-grandma-readingphoto: Allison Sutcliffe

7. Read some books. No one reads stories quite like the grandparent generation. So bring down a basketful and get reading! Psst… grandparents love this one because it means extra snuggles!

8. Play Blind-Man’s Bluff. This classic game is like thinking-man’s tag or a slow-mo version of it anyway. And it’s the perfect pace for grandparents to get in on the fun. All you need is a blindfold and a few players to start. Put the blindfold on the Seeker; then spin her around a few times while the other players scatter. Now it’s time to seek. Using her keen other senses, the Skeeker tries to tag the scattered players who are rooted in place. Sure, they can duck and dodge her outstretched arms, but they can’t move their feet. It’s a giggle-worthy game everyone can play!


photo: Diane Cordell via Flickr

9. Capture the moment. If grandma and grandpa are coming to stay for a bit, record special moments and gather simple mementos of your time with them (think puzzle pieces, movie ticket stubs, drawings and more). The seal those sweet remembrances in a time capsule before burying in your backyard.

10. Build a snowman. If the grands are up to a little outdoor adventure (and you’ve got snow on the ground), then put building a real snowman on your list. If not, this great warmer option works for all. With grandpa’s help, make some fluffy white playdough. Then roll base, body and head to stack together your chilly friend. Use baubles and doodads from your craft stash to decorate him.

spoons-card-game-fivehanks-flickrphoto: fivehanks via Flickr 

11. Pick a card…. any card game will do, but spoons is a silly old-school game that grandparents have probably played before. The object is to make matches, stealthily swipe spoons and try not to giggle too much when you pull a fast one over on the grandp’s.

12. Plant a terrarium. Assemble a mini garden to combat the winter doldrums with the grands. We love this one because it doubles as a habitat for those little dinos you always find roaming your sidekick’s laundry hills and toy piles.

What’s your favorite way to play with grandparents? Do you think you’ll use some of these ideas? Tell us about it in a comment.

—Allison Sutcliffe

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30 Easy Activities for After School Fun

School’s back in session and the witching hour—those afternoon moments when crankiness is at its peak—has cast a spell over your little ones. Time to pull out your arsenal of activities to keep kiddos busy and happy before dinner’s served. Need a few new ideas? We’ve got you covered. Read on to discover our Red Tricycle checklist of fun, filled with 30 easy, awesome ways to help little minds unwind. Print it out, pin it up, and revisit for activity inspiration.

Psst—click on the blue text in the pdf to get the tutorial! If you want to go green and save paper, opt to check off each box digitally. Remember to save the file to save your progress. Click here to download the pdf (right click and “save as” to save onto your computer).

1. Play a classic backyard game.

2. Build a nature fort in the backyard. 

3. Create something cool out of cardboard.

4. Look for butterflies. 

5. No paint brushes? No problem. Here are 10 art projects that don’t need bristles

6. Go on a scavenger hunt that requires quiet time. 

7. Make a puppet theater.

8. Read a book that inspires innovation.

9. Get crafty a project with five supplies or less!

10. Practice your pirate vocab.

11. Make your TP roll go the distance and use it in a project. 

12. Set up an imaginary world of play and watch the afternoon fly by.

13. The homework’s gotta happen. These ideas will make it fun!

14. Make a pet rock.

15. Arrange a creative play date with friends.

16. Give their brain muscles a boost with easy memory games.

17. Make a toy car garage.

18. Let your little magicians impress you with seven easy magic tricks

19. Spice up coloring time with a new and cool coloring book.

20. Explore the art of image projection with a DIY pinhole camera.

21. Discover easy ways to upcycle your scrap paper.

22. Run relays in the backyard.

23. Feel the force with a Star Wars-themed activity. 

24. Give their green thumbs a workout with eight easy gardening ideas.

25. Share some wacky animal facts.

26. Explore science with simple outdoor experiments.

27. Have a dance party.

28. Whip up a batch of your own bubbles.

29. Try out a new subscription box.

30. Make math fun with these easy games.

Share this checklist with your friends and then tell us below your go-to activity for after school fun!

— Christal Yuen & Gabby Cullen

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