13 Easy Activities for Sick Kids

The stuffy red nose, that persistent cough, those puppy dog eyes staring up at you desperately. Sounds like you’ve got a sick kiddo at home. But even when they’re not 100% our cuties don’t like to be kept down; they want something to do (especially after the Tylenol’s kicked in!). We’ve got the remedy. Pull out one of these low-key activities that are just what the doctor ordered!

table-fort-mamapapabubbaphoto: Mama. Papa. Bubba

“Fort”-ify Down Time
Build your mini-me a special place where he can curl up with furry friends, pillows, and his favorite blankie so he can rest or take a quiet nap. Load it with lots of love and climb in for some snuggle time too, if your sidekick needs a little company. Soft and comforting is the key, so kidlets will power down with ease. Check out these 11 inspired designs before you start building.

Pamper Your Petite
Plan a Sick Day Spa Session for your sidekick. But instead of the usual mani/pedi plus oatmeal mask combo, go for soothing activities and potent scents that help with stuffy noses and minor aches. A warm bath or hot shower is a good place to start. If you’ve got it, put in bubbles or drop in peppermint or lavender essential oils to soothe your sick kiddo. And if you’ve got a lavender mask or scented buckwheat pillow that can be gently warmed in the microwave, put them to good use. If not, grab your closest bottle of peppermint lotion and rub some on little hands and feet for a faux mani/pedi effect that’s oh-so relaxing.

kids-in-bed-reading-woodleywonderworks-flickrphoto: Woodleywonderworks via Flickr 

Party Like a Librarian
…very quietly, when you host a reading party for kiddos dealing with the crud. There’s nothing better than snuggling up with stuffies, blankies and the best book ever when you don’t feel well. Whether your mini-me cuddles up in bed or camps out on the couch, spend as much time as you can spare reading the day away. This is one easy activity that keeps him quiet and still, so he can get the rest he needs to recover. 

Soothe Your Sick Sidekick
DIY play dough is always an easy option for quiet, low-key play. But if your kiddo is under the weather, adding drops of lemon or eucalyptus essential oil gives play dough a wellness boost your wee one needs. Whip up a batch, then let your little patient mold, roll, and cut out shapes galore. The lovely scents will soothe noses and hopefully keep the sniffles at bay, too. Check out this easy recipe from One Perfect Day and make your own batch!

ispy-jars-amber-guetebierphoto: Amber Guetebier

Spy Some Relief
Break out those miscellaneous trinkets and baubles your kiddo collects from birthday parties and holidays. Then put them to good use when winter colds settle in at your place by making an iSpy jar. Play this quiet activity alongside your bundled-up buddy by having him call out what he finds, or checking items off on a homemade checklist. Easy-peasy play!

Sort It Out
Winter colds and crummy fevers are especially hard for the tot lot. But give them this quiet activity and they’ll forget just how icky they feel. Use colored pasta to set up a simple sorting game they can play perched in bed, from the comforts of a cozy blanket fort, or at the kitchen table so you can be close by. Once you’ve colored the pasta, set out bowls and have your cutie sort his rainbow pile into each, by color. When he’s done, he can easily string some of his favorites into a necklace or bracelet to wear!

wahi-tape-doimnoes-a-crafty-livingphoto: A Crafty Living

Stick To It
Setting your kidlet up at the craft table to start in on easy projects keeps her restful without being bored. From duct tape beads to washi tape dominoes, here are seven easy tape-based projects your sidekick can embark on. Psst… most of these are just as easy to do from the comfort of the couch or bed as they are at the crafting table.

Serve Up Tea for Two
Tea parties are another simple activity that kids always seem to enjoy. But when they’re sick, it’s also an easy opportunity to soothe a sore throat or combat the chills with some mildly hot tea. Let your kiddo invite “guests” (think: action figures, stuffed animals or dolls) to your get-well tea party. Then brew up a pot of lemon ginger or Moroccan mint tea to serve at the event. Adding in a bit of honey sweetens the deal and helps the healing too. Party on!

kids-playing-cards-woodleywonderworks-fickrphoto: Woodleywonderworks via Flickr 

Deal Them In
Tuck your little guy into bed and then grab a deck of cards to play simple kid-friendly games like Go Fish, Crazy 8’s, Old Maid or War. Who needs the comforts of chicken noodle soup on a sick day when can you score serious points and plenty of much-needed rest at the same time with these card games! 

Doctor, Heal Thyself
Turn the tables on your patient when you let her play doctor. Break out your pretend medical kit, or if you don’t have one, choose real-life wellness props like thermometers and bandages, then let her be the one in charge of making you well again. Taking your temperature, listening to your heartbeat and bandaging up your boo boos should be part of the routine. Psst… this is an especially helpful activity if your kiddo’s wary of having her temp taken when she’s not feeling well. Once she sees you do, she’ll feel so much better!

boulderlocavore-popsiclesphoto: Boulder Locavore

Freeze the Moment
When she’s sick, your kiddo wants something sweet to soothe her sore throat. So why not make your own fruity popsicles that she can enjoy? Each one of these 15 recipes is bursting with real fruit goodness and loads of vitamin C to boost her immune system and get your wee one well…sooner. Bring on the vitamins!

Cut It Out
Have paper, will feel better. After lots of rest and craft time, that is. Choose any of these 15 paper crafts for your cutie to make while he’s taking a sick day. From designer paper houses, to flashy funky glasses, these no fuss options will give your cutie something to focus on and let his body rest.

button-painting-sarah-joy-flickrphoto: Sarah Joy via Flickr

Push the Right Buttons
All you need is a bucket of spare buttons to keep your wee one occupied when a winter cold or fever has zapped his energy. From making button bookmarks to hold the place in your favorite story, to playing Who’s Got the Button with mom or dad, any of these five activities should do the trick!

What’s your favorite sick day activity? Have you tried any of these? Tell us about it in a comment.

–Allison Sutcliffe

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These Arty Crafty Cakes are Too Sweet

In need of a little sugar fix? Let us satisfy your craving (at least, digitally). We are loving these seriously sweet creations from Arty Crafty Cakes.  Cake master and mama Maria Belen Agurto discovered her talent in 2011—she’s been wowing the Los Angeles area party circuit ever since. From minions to the yellow brick road and a mad hatter tea cake, take a peek at her amazing creations below.


rainbowdashcake_mariaagurto_artycraftycakes_onecoolthing_national_redtricycle After designing her own baby shower cake, Maria caught the decorating bug and began designing one-of-a-kind, how did she do that desserts. Each sugary concotion is crafted by hand from start to finish, all the cake toppers and figurines are hand-modeled, using only edible and food-safe materials like fondant, gum paste and Rice Krispies.




She’s been featured in Cake Central Magazine (volume 3, issue 11), Cake Geek MagazineChubby Cheek Cake Blog, and was the featured dessert artist at blogger Wendy Lam’s mini:licious launch party.




Talk about sweet success. It’s a one-woman show. Maria works with clients from consultation to delivery and set up. Based out of Eastvale, Ca, Arty Krafty Cakes serves the Orange County, Inland Empire and Los Angeles Area. FYI: We asked Maria about playing favorites and she says she’s fond of all her creations but the one closest to her heart is her very first Elmo cake!


Online: facebook.com/ArtyCraftyCakes 

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9 Reasons to Take a Caribbean Vaycay with the Kids

Pool, ocean, beach, spa. Repeat. If this schedule sounds like one you’d be willing to give a try, and you’re in the market for a vacation that won’t feel like more work than play, the Hyatt Ziva Rose Hall in Montego Bay, Jamaica is for you. Read on to get the scoop on why it’s the perfect place for your next truly relaxing family getaway.

hyatt rose ziva

1. You can bring the kids (and still feel like you’re re-living your honeymoon).  

White sand beaches? Check. Warm tropical breezes and swaying palm trees? Total yes. But for parents, the real beauty of this resort is feeling completely welcome with your kiddos in tow. The Hyatt Ziva Rose Hall actually has an adults-only, adjoining property and beach (the Hyatt Zilara Rose Hall) for those who prefer not to hear the pitter patter of little feet. This means parents can rest-assured they are not disturbing the peace, especially when the littles are getting over their jet lag. So dine, roam, swim, swing, relax and play with the gusto of a five-year-old. They’ve got you.

2. On-site amenities & activities, galore. 

When they are ready to finally get out of the pool (pool is open late but only has a lifeguard on duty until 6-7 p.m. depending on the season) the kiddos can join you in daily ping-pong and cornhole tournaments, shuffleboard, beach volleyball, bingo, fitness classes and other adventurous-but-not-that-far-from-a-frosty-drink activities. Seriously: you can make them laugh endlessly as you attempt to Zumba, Jamaican style. Each evening at turn down you will receive a print out of the next day’s schedule so you can plan accordingly.

kidz club hyatt

3. The Kidz Club is where it’s at. 

Even though YOU want to do all the things, your kids want to hang out. With other kids. Enter, the Kidz Club. Open from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. and 6-9 p.m. every day, there’s a host of rotating activities including arts and crafts, beach going and more. Evening might call for a PJ party or even a mini-disco. You’ll find warm, fun-loving staff who are all CPR trained. Unlike other resorts, the Kidz Club at Hyatt Ziva will actually take the kiddos to eat both lunch and dinner. There is a one-hour break between 5-6 p.m. so staff can change shifts, etc. The resort also offers a Teen Club which includes video games, air hockey and more. (And did we mention that the entire resort has free wi-fi?) That means you can book time at the spa or relax near the beach (cabana + novel) while the kiddos are happy and busy. The Kidz Club is designed for children ages 3-12. Kids under 3 can participate in crafts and other activities if accompanied by a parent.

Insider tip: If you have a young babe but want a little time to yourselves, visit the Kidz Club to see if they can connect you with a babysitter.

dessert at hyatt ziva

4. Buffet dining with unlimited dessert is usually every kid’s idea of a good time.

In total, the resort has 13 bars, restaurants and lounges. The family-friendly stars we think you’ll be rotating through with the kiddos are: Choicez, which features an upscale buffet ladened with fresh fruits and vegetables along with local hot and cold dishes, breads, soups and the aforementioned dessert buffet; Barefoot Jerkz—Jamaican jerk BBQ served while you squish your toes in the sand; and Bitez Deli where you can grab quick and delicious bites, sandwiches and treats for hungry kids who need to tuck in ASAP. Adjacent to the lobby parents will want to make a stop at Stirz, a coffee bar where you can get your latte fix. Naturally there’s also swim-up bars, adults-only fancy pants dining and more.


photo courtesy Hyatt Ziva Rose Hall

5. The rooms. Oh, the rooms.

Every room feels like deluxe accommodations. This recently remodeled resort, formerly the spot of the Ritz, left no detail out. Balconies, sweet breezes and super comfy beds (where do they get those pillows??) are all the norm. Parents with smalls can request a suite, many of which come with a mini bar area/fridge and additional sleeping on fold-out couch. Want to take things to uber-indulgence? Upgrade to a Butler Suite, which will come with your own personal butler. You are outfitted with a phone to call your butler, for those times when you simply can’t lure “the kids” away from the beach but everyone is hungry, or you find yourself poolside and in need of a cooler of drinks. Seriously. We are not even kidding about this. There’s also pool suites, ocean views (well, all the rooms have ocean views so more direct ocean views) and more. Parents should know that the rooms on the Ziva side near the stage (the building over Choicez buffet and shops) can be loud past younger kid’s bed times so you might want to request a poolside room.

hyatt ziva rose hall

6. Jamaica, no problem

Few places on earth match Jamaica and Jamaicans for generosity of heart and spirit. Each and every person you will encounter here will not only offer you smiles and courteousness, but you and your children will make genuine connections that will become the most memorable part of your vacation. If you relax and go with the Jamaican way, you will truly have no worries.

Rose Hall plantation haunted Jamaica
7. Nearby excursions (including a haunted plantation).

When you want to venture off-property, there is no shortage of activities, all easily arranged by the concierge. Go in search of the legendary White Witch of Rose Hall Plantation (the night tour makes Disney’s Haunted Mansion look like a fun house) or book a family snorkeling excursion, hike the jungles, explore luminous caves and more. There are even nearby parks that include animal encounters and ziplining. You know, if you have time.

hyatt ziva jamaica

8. All inclusive, with extras.

All the food and drink, including room service, as well as on-site activities come with your stay. As an added bonus, one free round of golf is also included. Choose between two par-71 links-style course: White Witch or Cinnamon Hill. Check in with the concierge to arrange tee time (and even reserve rental clubs). Additional awesomeness (which has a fee) include upgrading your poolside chaise lounge to a cabana complete with towel swans; couple massages en plein; spa treatments like hot stone therapy and body wraps; candlelight beach-side dining and much, much more. There are also two gift shops on site so you can bring back a t-shirt for your catsitter.

hyatt-ziva-rose-hall-p077-family-enjoying-swim-up-suite-adapt-640-800photo courtesy Hyatt Ziva Rose Hall

9. Getting there is easy.

From most major cities you can book a flight (with one stop) to Montego Bay, Jamaica. It’s less than 2 hours flight from Miami, about 3 from Charlotte, NC and there are even nonstop flights on American from NYC and Chicago. Check out Fun Jet Vacations to book the most direct route. Once you arrive at the aiport, proceed past baggage claim and into the main hub where the Ziva (and Zilara) have a lounge. You chill there with a cool beverage and wait for your quick shuttle to the hotel.

Hyatt Ziva Rose Hall 
Rose Hall Rd.
Montego Bay, St. James
T: 1-876-953-2800
Online: rosehall.ziva.hyatt.com 

Have you been to Jamaica or an all-inclusive resort with your kiddos? What are your tips? 

Note: This trip was paid for by FunJet Vacations and Hyatt Ziva / Playa Resorts
but all opinions expressed here belong to the writer.

—all copy and photos by Amber Guetebier except where otherwise noted

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Tricks for Road Trips with Kids

In partnership with Kalahari Resorts

Heading out on a long road trip with little ones can make even the most seasoned parents nervous. But having fun and keeping everyone entertained can be easier than you think! Here are 19 boredom-busters to ensure backseat moaning and groaning is kept at bay– without plugging in. Old school road tripping for the win!

1. Make a list. Before hitting the road, catalogue the kitschy, the weird, the wonderful sights to see along the route. World’s largest ball of twine, anyone? Wall Drug pit stop? You bet! Then, make sure to stop and gawk a while so the minis can stretch their legs and you can grab a few family selfies to post. Find memorable roadside attractions that made our list or choose your own landmarks to loveMake them work.

2. Keep hands busy. Toddler hands are best kept busy between those hypnotic highway naps. A large plastic yogurt container with a rectangle cut out of the top combined with a tupperware full of colorful pom-poms; add in little hands to stuff the fuzzy balls into the container and you’ve got all it takes for these wiggle worms to have fun. Or, try threading oversized buttons onto ribbon when the second wind hits.

3. Map it out! Pick up a few of the classic, old-school paper maps (one for each kid) and let them mark it up, highlight routes, check off milestones—whatever they’re interested in—as you go along your trip! It’s a great way to get them involved in the journey, instead of just focusing on the destination.

portablelegokit_jennkossavan_mama-papa-bubba_screenfreetravel_roadtrips_redtricyclephoto: Jen Kossowan via Mama.Papa.Bubba

4. Pack a kit. Building toys like LEGO are always an awesome and fun way to keep kids happily busy. But on road trips? That can be a challenge. We love this idea from Mama.Papa.Bubba because it brings buildable to the car. Easy to make, easy to store, and it’s compact. Road trip perfection!

5. Dress up dolls. Paper dolls sure have come a long way, baby. For one thing, they’re now stickers. But what hasn’t changed is the way they engage the imagination over and over again. That’s why we love them for travel. Usborne Books makes loads with wide appeal so everyone in the car can play dress up too!

6. Fold paper. Hit the craft store before hitting the road to snatch a pack of origami paper for the six and up gang. A simple instruction book from the library, a surface to fold on, and you’ll be swimming in Chinese stars, fortune tellers and pirate hats before you’re even out of town!

3-kids-in-car-with-dogphoto: Sarah Rasmussuen

7. Stick it up. When you see windows, think blank canvas for your littlest road trippers. Dollar Store gel clings and window markers work great when the only view around is farmland and open country. You can even break out a pack of removable stickers to kick it up a notch, if you’re feeling brave.

8. Make them work. Okay, so maybe not work work, but put them into action with a scavenger hunt— like this easy printable one from Schooling a Monkey. It’s a fun way to keep kids busy searching for water towers, purple cars, a flock of birds— you name it! Grab stickers to check off the squares as you go, then sit back and watch how excited your kids get when they spot things like farms and traffic signs.

9. Let them decide. Kids love having choices and being involved in decisions. So why not let them? Give them an hour or so out of each day of your road trip and let them dictate where you stop and what you do (with certain limits, of course). It may mean taking a whole bunch of extra stops, but it’ll be worth it to keep the peace. Plus— sometimes it’s just fun to say yes a lot more than you say no.

licenseplategame_jimmie_flickr_roadtrips_redtricyclephoto: Jimmie via flickr

10.Play games. Three words: License Plate Game. Bring this vintage fave back into fashion with your mini crew. Find plates from all 50 states (C’mon Alaska and Hawaii!) or modify it into an alphabet game starting from A to Z, using the plates you pass along the interstate.

11. Tell a tale. Spin a yarn to rival Homer’s Odyssey by creating an epic story-in-the-round with your little literati. One person begins the story (think once upon a time or in a galaxy far, far away…) and takes it to a cliffhanger moment (gasp!) before passing it to the next bard of the car. Keep it going as long as you can. Imaginations, engage!

12. Play with puzzles. These super cute magnetic wooden blocks from Tegu help pass the miles for the preschool bunch. Plus, they win the road trip trifecta. Easy to pack? Of course. Great for open-ended play? You bet. Tons of fun in a small space? Check!

princess felt boardphoto: Allison Sutcliffe

13. Get crafty. Make your preschool teacher proud and pull out felt boards for your journey. These individual boards (look for them at your local craft store or indie toy shop) lend themselves well to car travel. Scenes can be continually recreated and the felt sticks to itself, but nothing else. Easy-peasy preschool fun!

14. Listen up. There’s no better time to sit back and get comfy for some good old, mesmerizing story-telling than on a long road trip. Queue up a few great audiobooks beforehand. Or, lend an ear to some awesome (and kid-oriented) family podcasts. Check out our favorite picks before you head out on the highway. With a mix of something for everyone, the entire family can get in on the fun!

15. Go old school. A good retro road trip deserves good retro toys. Thank goodness so many are making a comeback. Etch-a-Sketch equals mess-free drawing (and a whole slew of questions about how it works) for the older bunch. A View Finder takes the edge off for the Littles who want to watch something; throw in a classic Fisher-Price chunky camera and we dare you not to join in on this nostalgia fest.

kidwithcamera_usdeptofagriculture_flickr_roadtrips_redtricyclephoto: U.S. Dept. of Agriculture via flickr

16. Start clicking. Unearth grandpa’s old Polaroid camera or get a few disposable ones before the trip. Have your adorable Ansel Adams wannabes snap pics when the mood strikes them. From the car, at a rest stop, when there’s just 10 miles to go. Then, use these photographic masterpieces to create a journal of the trip when you return.

17. Hide trinkets. Set up your own Hidden Object game around the car before heading out. Place little trinkets (think leftover plastic spiders from Halloween, colorful paper clips, vintage buttons) in plain view around the car. Then when your little road trippers are getting antsy, challenge them to see how many they can find. Game on!

18. Tell more stories. Get inspired to tell tales along the road by using story blocks. Make your own ahead of time or grab an adorable set, like these wooden story blocks from HABA. What you do from there is as open as the road. Pick them randomly from the tray they come in and let fate determine the direction of your story, or let the munchkins lay them out first and create a story from there.

19. Hand out rewards. Inject a little motivation into the trip with a prize box. Have one at the ready to help tiny travelers get over those restless times or simple squabbles. Try playing the quiet game if things get too loud. The winner gets a prize. Or offer a dip into the prize box if they can make it 10 more miles. Prizes can be simple like getting to pick the next song or choosing the next activity, or stock up on a few dollar store items before heading out of town.

What are your favorite screen-free road trip activities? Share your idea in the Comments.

—Allison Sutcliffe & Heather Dixon

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9 Toy Storage Solutions Every Parent Should Know

If you’ve stepped on a rogue LEGO in the middle of the night on your way to the bathroom, you already know how important toy storage (that works!) is. Feel like you’ve tried everything—short of forbidding toys in your house F-O-R-E-V-E-R? Don’t worry. We’ve found what just might be the ultimate solution to your biggest toy storage dilemmas. Your tender toes can thank us later.


photo: Boon

Problem: Stuffies multiplying at an uncontrollable pace.

Solution: It’s been the default gift from relatives since your kid was a newborn. Now, all of those stuffed animals are gathering dust. A kiss here or a hug there is about as much playtime that these plushies get. But isn’t it funny how our littles know exactly when one is missing? To make everyone happy, try this stuffed animal storage bag by Boon. Instead of just taking up space, you can store tons of stuffed animals in this soft bag, which doubles as a comfy seat.

photo: Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls

Problem: There are a bajillion toy cars strewn everywhere. Traffic jam!

Solution: Clearing the toy car traffic jam is a cinch with this brilliant solution from Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls. The parking garage, which doubles as a carrier and storage case is made from a wooden crate, cardboard, and poster size tube mailers. And, that’s it! Find out how to make your own here, then watch your little ones fill’r up and get to vroom-vrooming.

screen-shot-2016-10-31-at-12-01-03-pmphoto: Lay-n-Go

Problem: Too many LEGO, not enough time to sort them all.

Solution: If we’re being honest with ourselves, we know that even the best laid out LEGO organization system is no match to a kid in a rush to clean up. It’s rare to find the mini blocks color-coded or grouped by type. Everything—eventually—winds up mixed all together. Lay-n-Go acts as activity mat, cleanup, storage and carryall solution in one, and comes in three sizes— a lite 18-inch, a larger 44-inch and a large 5-foot size. Bonus: You can wash it and it comes with a shoulder strap for easy transport.

3b6770606f8e0cef4de3b56ab89062836dd1fc26photo: Apartment Therapy  

Problem: Action figures become nomads with no distinct home base.

Solution: Your mini will, once again, be able to locate Captain America or Barbie and her friends courtesy of this storage idea from Apartment Therapy. An Ikea peg board is outfitted with small hook strips. After the board is secured to the wall, kids can easily hang their favorites for independent retrieval anytime the force awakens.

screen-shot-2016-10-31-at-1-01-10-pmphoto: Money Saving Sisters 

Problem: Flimsy cardboard puzzle boxes lead to lost and mismatched pieces.

Solution: We’re not sure why, but this hanging closet organizer, while great in theory, rarely gets used for it’s intended purpose. If that’s the case at your house, take a cue from the Money Saving Sisters and repurpose the space taker as a puzzle organizer–they’re in the box, they’re off the floor, and they’re easy to sort through. Bonus: You can also use the closet organizer to tame those boardgames.

box-crafts-5photo: How Stuff Works

Problem: Crayons are found all over, in various nooks and crannies.

Solution: Your coloring cutie may be a Picasso in the making, but all is for nought when a specific crayon color has gone missing. Help keep kiddo organizaed with this adorable DIY crayon caddy, explained by How Stuff Works. Simply cover a tissue or sandwich bag box with dot stickers and drop the crayon collection inside. The box is the perfect size for small hands and the perfect solution for frustrated parents.

underthetabletrainset_greatlittletradingco_playroomsolutions_playroom101_national_redtricycle photo: Great Little Trading Company

Problem: Between the wooden trains, track and train table, there’s just no room to actually play in the playroom.

Solution: Whether your kidlet is Team Thomas or Team Chuggington, this under-the-bed storage option from the Great Little Trading Company will hide all those wooden tracks, trains and scene-stealing accessories without needing its own zip code to do so. Plus, your tiny conductor can slide it out to set up her latest train town creation just as easily as she can slip it back into place when clean up time begins. It’s a now-you-see-it, now-you-don’t winning solution to the storage wars.

6a00e55104c123883401310f9985bc970cphoto: Penny Carnival

Problem: Favorite bedtime reads are hard to find stuffed into a bookshelf.

Solution: Tots love books, and they love to pick out their own books during story time. Bookshelves can be too tall (and dangerous if you have a climber on your hands), so your best bet is to keep your little one’s literature at eye level. This easy to make book swing makes book selecting a walk in the park. For how-to instructions, visit the Penny Carnival blog.

screen-shot-2016-10-31-at-3-49-09-pmphoto: Karen Mom of Three’s Craft Blog

Problem: The baby dolls have more clothes than you do.

Solution: Keeping kiddo’s doll clothes fresh and wrinkle free doesn’t work when they’re stuffed in the bottom of the toy bin (or in a plastic baggie). Store and display the cute threads by fitting a bamboo stick or wooden dowel through the side of a plastic laundry basket. Ta-da!

Do you have a favorite storage solution that’s worked well in your playroom? Share it in the Comments.

—Ayren Jackson-Cannady

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