Creative Recipes for Leftover Easter Eggs

We proudly wiggle our dye-stained fingertips in the days leading up to the big hunt, but eating those hard-boiled beauties loses its appeal faster than the Easter Bunny can hop. Take a peek through the recipes below for creative ways to use up extra eggs—we’re betting the little ones will love the transformation!

photo: Dara Michalski via Cookin’ Canuck

1. Make-Ahead Wrap
One of the best things about this make-head, protein-filled wrap from the Cookin’ Canuk is that it can be made with any number of toppings—let your family’s palate be the guide. Get the recipe by clicking here.

2. Simple Deviled Eggs
What better way to use up Easter eggs than by making deviled eggs? These tasty bites are so easy your older kids can probably make their own version. 
Grab the how-to here.

photo: Katie Morford via Mom’s Kitchen Handbook

3. Kiddie Cobb Salad
Want to do salad for lunch tomorrow? Well, hard boiled eggs are a cobb salad staple. Chop up a few eggs and add it to this kid-approved midday meal.

photo: Jun Seita via Flickr

4. Ramen Noodle Soup
Steamy ramen noodles are usually a family favorite. This recipe from Foodily calls for a hard boiled egg, along with corn, green onions, and other fresh ingredients. Click here to get your shopping list.

photo: Heidi Larsen via Foodie Crush

5. Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Biscuit Sandwiches
Who needs to visit those yellow arches down the street when we’ve found this recipe from Foodie Crush? We know monkeys of all ages will make those extra eggs disappear in no time, once they’re sandwiched between some cheese and bacon! Click here for the recipe.

Mexican Meatballsphoto: Daring Gourmet

6. Mexican Meatballs
These are definitely a meal for your older kids—the ones with tastebuds raring for a little kick. Packed with flavor and bits of hard boiled egg, this hearty recipe can be found over at Daring Gourmet. We especially love the roasted tomatillo sauce!

Traditional Southern Chicken Saladphoto: The Kitchen is My Playground

7. Southern Chicken Salad
We love classic picnic dishes as much as the next person, and chicken salad is our go-to. It’s quick to make, easy to take, and we can eat it any sort of way. Midday snack? Yum. As a hamburger side? Perfect. In a sandwich? The Kitchen is My Playground has you covered.

Easter Egg Fried Ricephoto: Savor the Thyme

8. One-Pot Fried Rice
Spring seems to always be the busiest time of year. Between cleaning binges, afterschool activities, and blossoming gardens, one-pot dinners are a must. This guide to perfect fried rice from Savor the Thyme is bound to be a crowd-pleaser, with a host of vegetables, proteins, grains, and flavor.

                                                                                                         photo: Ditch the Carbs

9. Paleo Scotch Eggs
If your family ever needs a bite on the go (and store-bought granola bars aren’t hitting the spot), Ditch the Carbs has the quickest, easiest protein-packed recipe for scotch eggs. Just five ingredients for your five-fingered snack; your tykes have already hunted down the first item on the list!

Egg Salad Finger Sandwiches   photo: For the Feast 

10. Egg Salad Finger Sandwiches
These classic finger sandwiches from For the Feast require a certain level of dress up—oversized sunglasses, frilly skirts, floppy bow ties, and a fedora. It’s time for a tea party. Pinkies up, ladies and gents!

How do you use up your Easter eggs? Share with us in a Comment.

—Gabby Cullen & Stacey Liu

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8 Quick & Easy Easter Treats

Easter Sunday is on the horizon. It’s time to channel your inner Amazon Prime goddess and whip up a few incredibly easy treats that your little bunnies will love. We’ve found eight ideas that take mere minutes but will look like they took hours. If only everything else was this easy. Scroll down to get started.

photo: Agnes Hsu via Hello Wonderful

Banana Sprinkle Pops
This frozen banana pop idea screams spring. You’ll need yogurt, pastel-colored sprinkles, and a fruit squeeze. Find out how to get the coating just right by visiting Hello Wonderful.

photo: Melanie Blodgett via Minted

Brilliant Bunny Bags
What’s easier than pressing the print button? We think these adorable bunny bags from Minted are the perfect solution to a busy parent’s holiday woes. Grab the free printable by clicking here.

photo: Lindsay Conchar via Life Love and Sugar

Easter Bunny Chow
Your favorite snack mix just got an Easter makeover. Filled with Reese’s peanutty goodness in every bite, this puppy chow from Life Love and Sugar is simple to make and will be a family favorite. Hop on over to Life Love and Sugar for the recipe.

photo: Courtesy The Baker Mama

Candy Kabobs
We think these candy kabobs are too sweet. You can use a selection of your kids’ favorite gummy treats and Peeps: The whole process should take 20 minutes or less. Hint: If you’ve got wee ones, be sure to cut off the pointed end of the kabob before adding the Peep. Find out why you’ll need cooking spray and grab the rest of the how-to over at The Baker Mama.

photo: Heather Shisler via Passion for Savings

Pinterest-Worthy Pudding Cups
This sweet pudding cup is super easy, and it’ll make you look like a Pinterest pro. Grab pudding cups (the bunny face shows up better on vanilla), googly eyes, pom poms, and a couple other basic art supplies before letting your littles make their very own Easter Bunny. Get the tutorial over at Passion for Savings.

photo: courtesy Reasons to Skip the Housework

Crackers as Carrots
Got a plastic bag? How about goldfish and ribbon? We love this simple idea courtesy of Melanie at Reasons to Skip the Housework. It’s easy to make and will make you look super creative. Plus, you can easily swap the goldfish out for carrots, orange jelly bellies, or anything else you think your littles would love.

peeps-smores-for-easterphoto: Angie McGowan via Eclectic Everyday

Peeps S’mores
There’s something about making s’mores that is super fun. Eclectic Everyday lays out the directions—all you need is graham crackers, chocolate, Peeps, and a microwave. Or, if you have a gas stove, you can roast your Peeps before sliding them between the graham crackers. Just make sure your kiddos are supervised at all times around the stove!

photo: Holly Webster via Flickr

Bunny Bottom Pancakes
With a little fruit and whip cream, this is an easy way to make your annual Easter breakfast even more special. 
Taste of Home shows you how it’s done.

Do you have any last minute Easter treat ideas to add to our story?

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Fun Egg Carton Craft Ideas

We have a feeling you’ll be well-stocked in egg cartons soon. Don’t toss them in the bin—those thin cups have always been a sweet supply to save for crafty little hands. To help you get started on a mini-maker session we rounded up 13 clever ways to create with egg cartons. From dump trucks to flower crowns, the best ideas are right here. Scroll down to discover them all. 

photo: Becky Whitney via Rub Some Dirt On It

1. Heavy Loader
Even a first-time maker can tackle this simple dump truck project. The bed goes up and down with the help of a few pipe cleaners, and there’s plenty of space to add construction workers. Find out what you’ll need over at Rub Some Dirt On It.

photo: Shaunna Evans via Fantastic Fun and Learning

2. Under the Sea
Create an entire underwater world with just four supplies. You’ve got the egg cartons; Find out what else you’ll need at 
Fantastic Fun and Learning. One down, three to go!

photo: Tonya Staab via Create-Celebrate-Explore

3. Easter Checkers
Yes, this adorable checkerboard will take a few afternoons to complete, but it will be worth the effort when you see how much fun your kids have playing with it year after year. We love the bright, fresh colors and the basic supply list. Visit DIY guru Tonya Staab at
Create-Celebrate-Explore and see how to make your own.

photo: courtesy The Pinterested Parent

4. Block Party
Using egg cartons as building blocks? Pure genius. Once you’ve cut up your stash, have little helpers paint it all in bright hues. After that, the possibilities are endless. Take a peek at the great tutorial from The Pinterested Parent right here.

photo: Leslie Manlapig via Pink Stripey Socks

5. Carton Crawlers
These little guys are more cute than creepy and use up plenty of cartons. Parents, you’ll probably have to handle the task of arranging the pipe cleaner legs just right. Get the how-to over at Pink Stripey Socks.

photo: Agnes Hsu via Hello Wonderful

6. Crafty Crown
It’s definitely a project that requires help, but she’ll be the Queen of Spring if you decide to tackle this cool flower crown. You can handle the glue gun, she can design her own flowers. Find out how it’s done over at Hello Wonderful.


photo: Art and Soul Preschool

7. Feathered Friend
Who-who-who’s up for transforming an egg carton into a feathered friend? This clever craft from Art and Soul Preschool is super easy. If you have a decently-stocked craft drawer you likely have the googly eyes, feathers and paint ready to go.

photo: Buzzmills

8. Mobile Art
The ceiling’s the limit with this ultra-pretty mobile from Buzzmills. This easy-breezy creation uses watercolors (a kid fave) to create hanging flowers out of egg carton cups. The result is something worthy of a fancy window display—or maybe even a relaxing nursery.masks

photo: Teaching Every Day

9. DIY Disguise
This mask craft from Teaching Every Day is great fun for a masquerade dress-up bash. You only need a few supplies, and it’s easy enough for younger crafters to do the majority of the steps. Customize with the kids’ favorite colors or add feathers for additional panache.

Penguinphoto: Green Owl Art

10. Petite Penguins
How cute are these penguins from Green Owl Art? They’re just the right size for little hands and don’t require a lot of materials or time. Couple the activity with a viewing of Happy Feet, and you’ve got one egg-cellent afternoon.

Egg Carton Croc

photo: Lucy at My Kid Craft

11. Crafty Croc
Here’s a smile, crocodile! This green grinner from My Kid Craft is a lot of toothy fun. Best part? It requires three egg cartons to make—ideal for using up a big supply. Get the whole tutorial here.

Star Wars

photo: The Weisse Guys

12. Star Wars-worthy Space Ship
In a galaxy far, far away, there’s surely a Wookie who’d love to travel in this egg carton space ship. A perfect transport for action figures, LEGO adventures and more, this ship is fueled by imagination—and an easy collaboration creation for parents and kids. Thanks to The Weisse Guys for the idea!camera

photo: Let’s Do Something Crafty

13. Picture Perfect
Thanks to Let’s Do Something Crafty, your little artists can snap the perfect pretend photo. Though this craft may need a bit more grown-up involvement, the kids can definitely help out with painting, braiding the camera strap, or arranging the different elements of the “camera.”

Which egg-cellent craft will you try with the kids? Tell us in the comment section below!

—Gabby Cullen & Abigail Matsumoto

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Amazing Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

Need a little inspiration before your annual Easter egg dye-fest? We’ve got you covered. From intricate illustrations to treats that are way too awesome to eat, scroll down to see 12 designs that will blow you away.

photo: Jenna Johnson via Life Is For the Fun

1. Cascarones
These babies are a tradition in Mexico and are essentially the egg-y version of a piñata. Each one is beautifully decorated on the outside and filled with confetti or glitter. We love the ones spotted over at Etsy shop Life Is For the Fun.

photo: courtesy Ukrainian Easter Eggs 

2. Ornamental Eggs
Ukrainian Easter eggs are famous for their intricate designs, and this Etsy shop is filled with amazing creations. Shop owner Katya paints all of the ornaments herself in the classic Pysanka style. Look through all her creations here.

photo: Beth Ann Magnuson via The Nest at Windy Corner

3. Magically Marbled
These shiny orbs are hand blown and dyed by the owner of The Nest at Windy Corner. When you order one, you can choose between the color schemes available or one of your own choosing. Find out more about this groovy take on Easter here.

4. Royal Orbs
When it come to eggs, it doesn’t get more luxurious than Fabergé. The Imperial Lillies of the Valley Egg was an anniversary gift from Czar Nicholas to his wife. Yes, it’s decorated with diamonds and pearls, but we think the sweetest touch is the framed photos of himself and their two eldest daughters, Olga and Tatiana, that rise from the top. See more of these royal eggs over here.

photo: Karen Roe via Flickr

5. Have a Blast this Easter
This rocket ship took part in an egg-citing art exhibit during the 2013 Big Egg Hunt in London. The bright, fun illustrations are the work of Chris Martin, a.k.a the lead singer of Coldplay. Talk about a seriously hidden talent!

photo: David Luders via Flickr

6. LEGO My Egg-o
This might be our favorite find. Your LEGO fanatics can even build their own version with the instructions from master builder Dave Luders.
Click here to see how it’s done.

7. Not Quite a Cadbury
We had to add this chocolate egg to our list because it’s so much more than that (it’s actually cheesecake, yum!). Looking very reminiscent of a Cadbury egg, this treat doubles as a DIY and baking project for the fancy Easter enthusiast. Head over to Rasberri Cupcakes for the tutorial.


8. Eggs Over Ice
Fabergé eggs are infinitely famous for their excessive but beautiful decor. Made of rock crystal, platinum, and diamonds, the 19th century Winter Egg typically sits on a block of melting ice and holds a bouquet of spring flowers to symbolize happiness and renewed hope.

Huichol Egg

9. Brightly Beaded
These eggs are a relatively new art form of western-central Mexico, with a truly a unique result. Each bead is applied with beeswax into colorful symbols of the Huichol people. Check out all the great designs over at Huichol Arte.

10. Pretty as a Peacock
In 2010, this pretty egg was submitted by artist Li Shen to an auction at Open Fields School in New Hampshire. It had the necessary flair to garner enough proceeds towards a good cause—school education!

photo: courtesy Purl Soho

11. Cute Crochet
These adorable crochet eggs scream spring. Even better? You can make some of your own with this tutorial by Purl Soho .

Amy Powers

11. A Pretty Package
These gems are a fun and inexpensive way to make Easter even prettier. You can recreate this project at home with a little newspaper, glitter, and ribbons. Check out how to complete this project over at Inspireco.

photo: Beth Shirk via bethandcompany

12. A Little Bit of Sugar
We bet you had one of these panoramic sugar eggs when you were a kid. Bring back the tradition with a gorgeous handmade version from confectioner Beth Shirk. Her Etsy shop 
bethandcompany offers different designs and styles, check them all out here!

Which one is your favorite? Share with us in a Comment below.

—Gabby Cullen & Katie Garcia

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No Dye Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

The classic food coloring and vinegar dye method is fun but this year, why not try something new? Click through the gallery below to discover cool, dye-free ways to transform your eggs. One thing’s for sure—these orbs are Easter Bunny approved.

How are you planning on decorating your eggs this year? Let us know in the comments below.

—Lauren Hill & Susie Foresman


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Clever and Easy Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

Spring into action and make Easter egg-stra special this year by amping up your egg hunt! From following a treasure map to hanging from the limb of a tree, keep reading for eight easy ideas that’ll make your little peeps very hoppy. Trust us, this will be a hunt they remember.

photo: Karen via Sew Many Ways

1. Hunt by Color
Do you have a mix of fast and slow little bunnies running for those eggs? We love how mom Karen color-coded her eggs and made matching baskets (Just in case someone forgets what color they have!). Jump over to Sew Many Ways for the step-by-step of this eggs-cellent idea.

easter2photo: Nikki Walsh

2. X Marks the Spot
Arrr! Gather up ye mateys to search for the pirate map hidden in the colorful Easter eggs. First, make a treasure map, then cut it up and put the pieces into the eggs. Next, tell your little bunnies to find the eggs. Finally, your little treasure hunters can tape the map together to find their Easter baskets.

easteregghunt_beafunmumphoto: Kelly via Be a Fun Mum    

3. Hangin’ Around
Little chickadees will love their eggs hanging from the trees. You’ll need yarn, plastic eggs, and Easter treats. Mama Kelly has the easy directions you’ll need to create this Easter egg wonderland. Hop on over to Be a Fun Mum for the tutorial.

treepopper_diystudiophoto: Kelly via Studio DIY

4. Pop to It
Poppin’ down the bunny trail? Bigger wabbits will enjoy pulling and popping to get their tiny treasures, almost like little piñata eggs. You’ll need plastic eggs, streamers, and string. Skitter over to Studio DIY  to put a little bang in your Easter egg hunt.

exercise_egghunt_allison_notimeforflashcardsphoto: Allison via No Time for Flashcards

5. Energize Your Bunnies
Your little bouncing bunnies can burn off their chocolate buzz with this eggs-ercising hunt. From jumping jacks to crab walks this search will bring giggles and fun: To see how it’s done, spring over to No Time for Flashcards and let the action begin.

golden_egg_via-_sayyesphoto: Liz Stanley via Say Yes

6. The Golden Egg
Gold and chocolate aren’t just for Willy Wonka! Step up the excitement of the hunt by adding golden eggs. When found, they’ll have an extra special treat inside. We love these shiny golden eggs created by Liz Stanley at Say Yes. You’ll need plastic eggs, foil, and glue. Leap over here for the full tutorial.

wordsegghunt_via_handsonaswegrowphoto: Jamie via Hands On As We Grow

7. Spell It Out 
Is your lil’ bunny learning his or her ABC’s? Good news! You won’t have to shell out a lot of greens to create this wordy hunt. Grab foam letters, paper, colored pens, and plastic eggs, then bound over to Hands On As We Grow to see this idea in action.

thomas_via_ccphoto: Thomas

8. Great Glow!
Your little peeps will be glowing with eggs-citement after this brilliant egg hunt. You can either buy glow-in-the-dark eggs or you can put a small LED light (or bracelet glow stick) inside of plastic eggs, then hide the eggs indoors for lil’ bunnies and outside for bigger wabbits.

Do you have a cool Easter egg hunt that your family does? Tell us about it in the comments below.

—Nikki Walsh

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18 Alternatives to Candy for Your Easter Basket

Made of food grade silicon, these safe (BPA, PVC, Lead, and Pthalate-free) awesome carrot teethers are just right for your teething tot’s Easter basket. Because if you can’t get them to actually eat their veggies, taking a picture of them chewing on this teether (it comes in broccoli, too!) is a close second.

Ages 0 & up.

Available at Amazon, $5.99.

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15 Creative Ideas for Easter Peeps

Now that Easter’s over, the coveted chocolate bunnies have disappeared (ears and all), but the marshmallow Peeps that found their way to the kids’ baskets still seem to stick around for weeks on end. Instead of letting them languish in the pantry, check out these projects and recipes to turn your leftover Peeps into something brand new.

photo: Eclectic Recipes

1. Peep S’mores
You won’t need to restock the pantry with marshmallows after Easter. Making brightly colored s’mores with Peeps is much easier than you might think and the sugary crunch adds a little something special. Click here to check out the quick how-to from Eclectic Recipes. 

 peeps-e1425686728117-1photo: Still Playing School

2. Edible Peep Play Dough
Now you can squish these Peeps to your heart’s content without the sticky aftermath. Still Playing School’s fabulously fun recipe repurposes those Peeps into safe edible play dough for mouthy tots. To get the instructions, click here.

photo: Kristin’s Kitchen

3. Rocky Road Peep Brownies
Just when we thought you couldn’t improve upon a classic fudgy brownie, this recipe from Kristin’s Kitchen ups the ante. The colorful marshmallow topping is sure to be a crowd pleaser. To get the recipe, click here.


photo: Oh Strumpets!

4. DIY Peep Cards
Give those little bunnies new life by making cute cards like these from Oh Strumpets! Little artists will love painting the Peeps and adding their eyes and mouths, and you can send them off to wish friends and family a happy spring. Click here to get the instructions.


photo: Kitchen Trials

5. Graham Cracker Birdhouse
If your little ones love crafting gingerbread houses during the holidays, then they’ll have a blast making a sweet birdhouse for your leftover Peeps, too, like these from Kitchen Trials. Using coconut, melted chocolate and candies, the decoration options are endless. Get all the details by clicking here.


Peep-Experiment                                                                                                                    photo: Lemon Lime Adventures 

6. Science Experiment Peeps
What happens when you microwave a Peep? This experiment is perfect for inquisitive scientists who love to collect data down to the last decimal. Click here to check out the procedure over at Lemon Lime Adventures.


photo: Grain Changer

7. Peeps Popcorn
This delicious popcorn from Grain Changer is the ultimate springtime treat. Drizzled with white chocolate and melty Peeps, chances are it’ll disappear in no time. Find out how it’s made by clicking here.


peepwreath00sm  photo: Tried and True

8. Peep Wreath
You’ve been through every Peep project and you still have more left over (that’s the nature of Peeps). Use what you have left to make the most vibrant wreath anyone has ever seen. Click over to craft blog Tried and True for the instructions. 


peeps-scenephoto: wiredforlego via flickr

9. Peep Diorama
Your mini movie buffs will love taking part in this Peep production. Use Peeps to recreate a scene from their favorite movie or a new story of their own! Want more ideas? Click here to scoot over to Wired for LEGO.


photo: Two Sisters Crafting

10. Peeps Centerpiece
Take some inspiration from Two Sisters Crafting to repurpose your Peeps (and your other leftover candy) into a unique seasonal centerpiece. Grab some artificial blooms from your local craft store and get creative. To see the step-by-step instructions, click here.


photo: Crafty Cooking Mama

11. Chocolate Peanut Butter Peeps Fudge
We’re suckers for fudge, and this genius recipe from Crafty Cooking Mama is bound to be an instant favorite. It’s super simple—just melt a few ingredients together in the microwave and then refrigerate it for a few hours. You’ll be blown away by how delicious it turns out. Snag the recipe by clicking here.


peepprints (5)photo: Tippy Toe Crafts

12. Peep Painting
You’ve painted with apples, potatoes, carrots … so why not Peeps? Bunny Peeps make the perfect print, while birdie Peeps act as a good brush to blend colors all around. Click here to see what kind of simple creations kids made over at Tippy Toe Crafts.

6865018902_6025f1b51c_z photo: wiredforlego via flickr

13. Minute to Win It: Peep Version
Create your own homemade minute to win it game! Inspired by family fun blog Not Consumed, see how high you can stack your Peeps in an allotted amount of time. Winner takes all the Peeps! To get the details, click here.


peep-chocolatephoto: Sometimes Sweet

14. Peep Hot Chocolate
Don’t let the bright colors make you forget that Peeps are really just cute marshmallows. What better way to enjoy the fluffy goodness than by adding them to a mug of hot chocolate? Thanks to lifestyle blog Sometimes Sweet for this great idea! Click here to grab the recipe.


ramblingsfromutopia peeps 3photo: Ramblings from Utopia

15. Colorful Rice Krispies
Rice krispies are one of the easiest treats out there, but we never thought to use Peeps instead of marshmallows until coming across DIY blog Ramblings from Utopia. No food coloring needed for this one! Learn how to create this celebratory snack by clicking here.

What are your ways to reuse your Peeps? Share them with us in the Comments below!

— Christal Yuen & Susie Foresman

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How to Recycle Easter Eggs

Now that the Easter Bunny has hopped back home, you’ve got dozens of plastic eggs hanging around the house. Before you pack them away until next year, check out these genius ideas for repurposing Easter eggs. Believe it or not, they can be transformed into everything from maracas to terrariums. Check out the ideas below to get inspired.

photo: Made Everyday

1. Shake It Up
This genius idea from Made Everyday is bound to be a hit with your budding musicians. They’ll have a blast filling and decorating the maracas, not to mention the hours of entertainment once they’re done. To see the instructions, head over to Made Everyday.


eggrocket_trishastanley_plasticeggs_easter_nationalphoto: Trisha Stanley via Inspiration Laboratories

2. Round Rockets
It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a… plastic egg? We are super egg-cited about this amazing idea from Inspiration Laboratories. Using stuff you probably have in your desk drawers (tape, paper, etc.), it’s a breeze to make a few rockets and have the kiddos race them in two different ways—into the sky or back down to earth. Find out what you’ll need for this fun project over at Inspiration Laboratories.


birdfeeders_stephaniebryan_plasticeggs_easter_nationalphoto: Stephanie Bryan via Playing House in Maryland

3. One for the Birds
Why should bunnies have all the fun? Stephanie, the clever crafter behind Playing House in Maryland, thinks the birds should be in on the action, too. With a bit of bird feed, and sweet sticky stuff, it’s a cinch to make a yummy snack for feathered friends. Want to know exactly what’s needed for this easy project? Fly on over to Playing House in Maryland for the answer.


photo: Crazy Little Projects

4. A Spring Wreath
Craft a colorful wreath that’s perfect for spring like this one from Crazy Little Projects. It’s super easy to make using just a few craft store supplies, and it’s cute enough to display all season long. To get the instructions, visit Crazy Little Projects.


tealightflight_taylorurban_plasticeggs_easter_nationalphoto: Taylor Urban via Taylor Made Creates

5. A Bright Idea
We are still blinking in amazement over this upcycled DIY. With a few supplies (including hot glue and paint), you can make your own gorgeous tealight flight for next to nothing. Find the how-to, and the answer to the question “will the eggs melt?,” over at Taylor Made Creates.


photo: Snowdrop and Company

6. Float Away
Easter eggs become something entirely new with these adorable hot air balloons from Snowdrop and Company. They’ll make a whimsical decoration for your little one’s room, or could be used to stash secret treats. Get the details on how they’re made at Snowdrop and Company.


eastereggTerrarium_brittanyjepson_plasticeggs_nationalphoto: Brittany Jepson via The House that Lars Built

7. Floral Fun
Keep the Spring feeling around longer by creating a mini terrarium. We love this version from The House that Lars Built; not only are the eggs gorgeous, but the flowers aren’t real, which means you and the kids can enjoy the fruit of your labor for more than a few days. Want to know how it’s done? Skip over to The House that Lars Built for the tutorial.


eggpainting_chelseymarashian_plasticeggs_easter_nationalphoto: Chelsey Marashian via Buggy and Buddy

8. Paint the Town
This idea is as easy as putting paint to paper, literally. Perfect for toddler hands, easy-to-grip easter eggs make an awesome addition to any artsy afternoon. Find out what kind of paint to use, and other handy tips, over at Buggy and Buddy.


photo: Tried & True

9. The Bee’s Knees
How cute are these little bees from Tried & True? We love how simple they are—you can craft a flock of them in no time and string them up to add some color to your space. To get the full instructions, visit Tried & True.


eggwash_sarahMcClleland_plasticeggs_easter_nationalphoto: Sarah McClelland via Little Bins for Little Hands

10. Sweet Suds
Easter eggs… if you’ve got a few (or 100) laying around after the big day, then you can easily set up this sweet sensory project we spotted over at Little Bins for Little Hands. All you’ll need is soap, water and enthusiastic kiddos. Wondering where sensory master Sarah got all her gear? Find out over at Little Bins for Little Hands.


eggyogurtpops_jennkossawan_plasticeggs_easter_nationalphoto: Jenn Kossowan via Mama. Papa. Bubba

11. Perfect Pops
How awesome are these frozen yogurt molds from Mama. Papa. Bubba? A perfect way to give your little people an Easter treat without all the sugar, the hardest part of this brilliant idea is making a place for the popsicle sticks. With just a little planning (and an electric tool) you’ll be on your way. Hop on over to Mama. Papa. Bubba for the how-to.


photo: I Can Teach My Child

12. Smarty Snake
We love this craft-meets-learning activity from I Can Teach My Child. Little ones will have a blast practicing their numbers while building fine motor skills. Once it’s done, they’ve got a cute playtime-ready snake. Get all the details at I Can Teach My Child.


photo: A Mom with a Lesson Plan

13. Let’s Play a Game
You can’t go wrong with some good old-fashioned competition, and this idea from A Mom with a Lesson Plan will keep the kids occupied for hours. Gather up your plastic eggs and some empty water bottles, and you’re halfway there. Find out how the game is played by visiting A Mom with a Lesson Plan.


easteregglunch_karawhitten_plasticeggs_easter_nationalphoto: Kara Whitten via A Kailo Chic Life

14. Lunch, Served Egg-Style
You’ve always wanted to serve up lunch bento-style, and here’s a way to do so without having to buy all those little containers. Using eggs and an egg carton, serve up a meal that’s functional and fun. We love the way Kara of A Kailo Chic Life even included an egg-shaped rice krispie treat! Get more fun ideas from A Kailo Chic Life here.

lettereggs_rockabyebutterfly_plasticeggs_easter_nationalphoto: courtesy Rockabye Butterfly

15. Alphabet Eggs
You’ve seen what feels like million and one ways to use plastic eggs as educational additions to play time. Don’t get overwhelmed, because we’ve done the research for you and picked this awesome (& easy) tutorial from Rockabye Butterfly. Grab a marker pen, an egg carton and be on your way to ABC fun.

Do you have any fun ways to reuse plastic eggs after Easter? Share with us in a Comment!

— Gabby Cullen and Susie Foresman

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